April 02nd

Impact Overview

Since 2011, BISSELL Pet Foundation has awarded $10 million in grant funding to save lives. With the support of our donors, BPF has impacted over 250,000 pets across all 50 states + Canada!



Total $ Awarded: $2,338,856
Total Grants Awarded: 604
Total Organizations Funded: 324
Average Grant Amount: $3,872

2019 Pets Impacted: 63,988 


Spay/Neuter: $1,188,594 | 50%

Adoption: $977,357 | 42%

Emergency: $148,240 | 7%

Grateful Pet (Medical Care): $24,665 | 1%

2019 Total: $2,338,856

Impact in Our Home State

In the last 8 years, BPF has given nearly $4 million in grants to our Michigan partners. These grants have allowed them to help thousands of pets in other parts of the country. Teamwork makes the dream work!

BPF partners with 248 animal welfare organizations in Michigan alone. Across the United States, BPF has over 5,000 partners.


Please help BPF continue to make a difference during these challenging times.