Reunited and it feels so good

BISSELL Pet Foundation’s Cathy Bissell and her sister, Janie Jenkins, co-founded, an online and mobile service that features a national database of lost and found pets. Thousands of pets have found their way home through

This nonprofit website exists to reunite lost and found pets quickly and efficiently to keep family pets out of shelters and in their homes. Pets often wander far from their known boundaries, so it is critical to have a resource to check distant areas. provides an interactive map to show lost and found pets, as well as facilities where lost pets might have been taken. We encourage you to check near and far as pets can travel quickly!

While is a valuable resource, the best defense against losing your pet is to make sure your pet gets electronically identified with a microchip that contains a unique, permanent, and tamper-proof identification number. BISSELL Pet Foundation and recommend the Datamars microchip as a cost effective and reliable option with universal readability, however, all microchips can provide identification if your pet is lost. Through microchipping and registration, you can drastically increase the chances of being reunited with your beloved pet should you ever be unexpectedly separated. Please microchip your pet today!

For important resources and tips to find a lost pet, please visit