Last year, Cathy set out to visit BPF’s partners in different geographic regions so we could understand their unique challenges and make a more significant impact. At each stop, Cathy would ask the shelter to identify one special pet who could use extra help to be adopted. The Grateful Pet Tour was born! Now, Cathy is on the road building relationships with shelters and saving pets along the way with up to $2,500 for veterinary or other care needed to make them adoptable. 


ROXIE | Zeus’ Rescues, New Orleans, LA

Roxie was on the euthanasia list at a shelter in rural Louisiana that could not afford to treat her. The staff emailed rescue groups to save Roxie since she was such an amazing dog and had been the shelter for years. One look at her face and the team at Zeus’ Rescues knew they had to help. As soon as Roxie got off the transport truck, she started peeing blood. By the next morning, she was too weak to stand. BPF made her a Grateful Pet to fund the emergency heart surgery, which saved her life. They removed 51 adult heartworms! Roxie had a long road to recovery, but thankfully, she is now living her best life.

ZOIE | Hearts of Hope Animal Rescue, Grand Rapids, MI

When Cathy and the team were in Louisiana for a spay/neuter clinic, they met Zoie at the Pointe Coupee Animal Shelter. It broke everyone’s hearts to learn that she was 10 years old and had been in the shelter her entire life! BPF named her a Grateful Pet, supported her vaccines and vet care, and contacted Hearts of Hope to help. They immediately said yes, and Zoie made the road trip to Michigan, where she was quickly adopted. She will be loved in a happy home with a fur brother and a family of chickens. Way to go Zoie! So happy you will experience life at last!

ANGELA | Paws for Life Animal Rescue, Troy, MI

The BPF team met Angela at Detroit Animal Care and Control during Empty the Shelters, and everyone fell in love with her because she was always holding her bowl! She was the sweetest dog but was so scared, she used her bowl like a security blanket. Angela wasn’t adopted that day, but fortunately, Paws for Life Animal Rescue was able to rescue Angela from the shelter environment. It was quickly determined she would need treatment for a respiratory infection, heartworm, Giardia, wounds, and skin infection. BPF named her a Grateful Pet to help with her medical treatments. Angela has since been additionally diagnosed with diabetes. Poor Angela has been through so much and we hope she will be happy and healthy in her forever home soon!

SCARLETT | Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana

It is with a heavy heart that we said goodbye to this beautiful 11 1/2-year-old girl. Scarlett, who lived her entire life in this cage. When the BPF team met Scarlett, we pulled her from her cage to give her hope. Dr. Phil Bushby, from Mississippi State Veterinarian School, helped us by identifying a sarcoma in her leg and confirmed she was also blind. BPF named her a Grateful Pet, and she was taken to a veterinarian as we knew she needed medical attention. The news was sad. Her leg needed to be amputated, but arthritis in her other legs wouldn’t allow her ever to walk. The pain was too much for her and we decided that it was time to say goodbye. We know she is running free now. She deserved better.

NOLA | Hearts of Hope Animal Rescue, Grand Rapids, MI

Nola, an emaciated and heartworm positive six-year-old, was dropped at St. Landry Animal Control, where she was so frightened, she immediately hid under a bookcase. BPF learned about Nola right away and promised to make her a Grateful Pet to support her veterinary care and get her into a rescue so she wouldn’t be so scared. Our partners at Hearts of Hope Rescue agreed to bring her to Michigan to find a forever home. Once she realized she was safe, Nola was a different dog. She still likes to find cozy places to snuggle, but she is incredibly sweet and affectionate. Stay tuned for updates on her happy ever after!

ASH | JL Animal Rescue, Rancho Sante Fe, CA

Ash was at the local shelter and was being passed up for adoption because they thought he needed expensive surgery for entropian, a disease where his eyelids were folding inward and painfully scratching his eyeballs. His days were numbered when JL Animal Rescue pulled him with a commitment from BPF to fund his surgery and save his life. Fortunately, after Ash’s veterinary assessment, JL Animal Rescue learned that his entropian could be completed treated with medication- no surgery! BPF supported the medical treatment for this lucky Grateful Pet and he currently is in a foster home waiting for his forever family.

DAISY | Eva Burrell Animal Shelter, Manistique, MI

Eva Burrell Animal Shelter (EBAS), a small organization in Michigan’s upper peninsula, took in Daisy, a beautiful, young Bloodhound who needed help. She was in pain from entropion, a disease where her eyelids were folding inward and scratching her eyeballs. It was clear she was in pain, in addition to needed surgery, our friends at Eva Burrell were concerned she wouldn’t do well in a shelter setting. As a small shelter, EBAS didn’t have the funds for Daisy’s surgery, but they were committed to helping her. BPF agreed to sponsor her surgery as a Grateful Pet and they found a Bloodhound Rescue to foster her while she recuperated and until she is adopted. Stay tuned for updates on Daisy’s forever family.

MABEL | Detroit Dog Rescue, Detroit, MI

Cathy and the BPF team met Mabel at our Empty the Shelters event at Detroit Animal Care and Control (DACC) in December 2019. This sweet, senior girl was found in a construction hole and was brought to the shelter when we were there. She was rescued with the help of an excavator! Another trusted partner and friend, Kristina from Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR), visited us at DACC during the event, met Mabel, and knew that DDR could help turn her life around. Mabel needed some attention before she could be adoptable, so BPF made her a Grateful Pet. She had some injuries from the fall into the hole, and a chronic respiratory infection that was causing major concerns, and BPF provided funding for her veterinary care. She is now cleared for adoption and is looking for her first-ever family and a much-deserved second chance!

BILLIE | Michigan Humane Society, Detroit, MI

Cathy and the BPF team identified Billie during May 2019 Empty the Shelters. She and her brother, both young dogs, were brought to Michigan Humane Society after being found in their crates in an abandoned home. They were both emaciated with sores on their hind area, and unfortunately, Billie’s brother was extremely aggressive. BPF wanted to help Billie and made her a Grateful Pet so she could get the care she needed to gain weight and regain her health. We are happy to announce that Billie is now in her forever home and is being spoiled like she deserves!

PENELOPE & MISCHIEF| Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue Group, San Diego, CA.

Penelope and Mischief, a bonded pair ages 7 and 9, were surrendered together to the local shelter by their family. It was heartbreaking—they should have spent their golden years with their family but instead were scared and confused. After a long wait with no interest, these girls were put on the euthanasia list, but fortunately, Labradors and Friends saved them. BISSELL Pet Foundation made them Grateful Pets to support the pair while they awaited their forever home. Since it was difficult to find a foster for two dogs, BPF offered to help with funding toward boarding where they could be comfortable while they wait. We are happy to report they were adopted together and will live out their lives together in a loving home.

PAULIE | Martina Animal Rescue, El Sobrante, CA.

Paulie is a 6-year-old pit mix who was rescued by Martina Animal Rescue after being put on the euthanize list after just one week at a local shelter. He was so sweet, but the stress of the shelter was making him act out and he needed help. BISSELL Pet Foundation was moved by Paulie’s story and named him a Grateful Pet to provide funds for training and socialization. Just after leaving the shelter, poor Paulie had a rectal prolapse which necessitated an unexpected surgery. Finally, Paulie is back to good health and good manners. He loves people and is an athletic and smart boy looking for a home!

DEACON | Eastwood Ranch Foundation, Animal Welfare & Rescue, Los Angeles, CA.

A few weeks ago, our friends at Eastwood Ranch Foundation (ERF) received a plea from a high kill shelter in Southern California about Deacon, a stray, young Cattle dog who had been hit by a car. His prognosis wasn't promising with 2 broken legs and a fractured pelvis. Deacon was set to be euthanized, as the shelter did not have the resources to care for him, but ERF stepped in to give him a chance. With the help of Pilots & Paws, he rode by helicopter to Los Angeles, where his surgery was performed. BPF named Deacon and Grateful Pet to support his surgery, which we are happy to report was a success. He is expected to make a full recovery and will make a wonderful family pet.

GINGER | Wags and Walks, Nashville, TN.

Ginger was found as a stray and brought to the local shelter, but her leg was so disfigured it was clear that finding an adopter would be difficult. The shelter put out pleas to local organizations who might be able to help her, and Wags and Walks stepped forward. They determined Ginger was in serious pain from a trauma that left her pelvis fractured and leg broken. When BPF learned about Ginger, we stepped in to support her medical costs. With some crate rest and TLC, Ginger is doing so much better that surgery might not be necessary. We are so thankful Wags and Walks was willing to take a chance on Ginger, and we can’t wait to know the rest of her story once she heals!

SAMPSON | Cat Adoption Services, San Jacinto, CA.

Sampson was at BPF Partner Ramona Humane Society, where his chances for adoption were limited because of his condition of entropion, a disease where his eyelids were folding inward and painfully scratching his eyeballs. Surgery was necessary, and BPF named him a Grateful Pet so he could get the care he needed, both to relieve his discomfort and to make his adoption possible. Ironically, an organization called Cat Adoption Service took Sampson in and cared for him pre- and post-surgery. Stay tuned for information about his new life!

DUCHESS | Douglas County Animal Services, Douglasville, Douglasville, GA.

Duchess is pictured at 5 months old but looks more like she is 10 weeks old because she is so tiny! She came into the shelter as a stray with diabetes and a heart murmur, then she contracted kennel cough. BPF committed to helping her to get back to full health as a Grateful Pet. Since she is insulin resistant, Duchess has trouble maintaining a stable weight and has also developed cataracts. She really pulls at the heartstrings with her sweet personality and heart-shaped nose! She is currently in a foster home, regaining her health and awaiting her forever family.

QUILTY | Friends for Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization, Houston, TX.

Not only is Quilty a Grateful Pet, but he’s an internet sensation! Quilty, a mischievous 6-year-old cat, had a unique skill of freeing himself and all of his buddies from the cat room at Friends for Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization. When we heard about Quilty starting a movement to free shelter animals, BPF knew we had to help him! BPF paid his adoption fee and funded the spay/neuter of some of his friends to help them all break free and into forever families! Quilty had countess applications for adoption and is now in the perfect home, supporting adoption on his Instagram: @free_quilty .

HYA | Carolina Loving Hound Rescue, Charleston, SC.

Hya was at the Greenville Animal Shelter and needed to be at a rescue organization that could tend to her intense medical needs. She is a senior dog with a tumor that required surgery and prevented her from being adoptable. Carolina Coonhound Rescue stepped in to get her out of the shelter but needed help to fund Hya’s surgery. BPF named Hya a Grateful Pet to make sure she received the care needed. The operation was a success (no cancer!), sweet Hya recovered, and now lives her best life on a sanctuary where she is adored. Hooray for Hya!

ZYLER | Harbor Humane Society, West Olive, MI

Zyler was on death row in Texas with 4th-degree burns on his back. His family dumped him at the local shelter where he would have been euthanized because his burns would deter potential adopters and they didn’t have the space for him or the money to treat him. Cathy received an urgent message about Zyler and BPF named him a Grateful Pet, pledging to get him to Michigan, and to help him find a home. Partners stepped up to transport Zyler to Harbor Humane in Michigan and everyone who met him along the way fell in love with him—he was so gentle, and great with other cats and dogs. The morning after he arrived, Zyler came to Empty the Shelters at BISSELL Headquarters and he was one of the first adoptions of the day! An amazing family immediately fell in love with Zyler and gave him a loving home.

FRED & WILMA | Wishbone Pet Rescue, Douglas, MI

The BPF team met Fred & Wilma at an Empty the Shelters event at BISSELL Headquarters, where everyone fell in love with the bonded, senior pair. Unfortunately, no one adopted them during the event as they required expensive dental care. After the event, the pair was named Grateful Pets, and BISSELL made sure they received the necessary treatment to prepare them for a forever home. They were quickly adopted together and are a happy and healthy!

LULA MOUSE | Homeward Bound Rescue, Manistee, MI

Homeward Bound learned about seven small dogs, between four months to two years old, living in neglect. HBR immediately took in all dogs and one female gave birth to three puppies the next day. One puppy was stillborn, but the remaining two appeared healthy until Lula Mouse started having trouble breathing. She was diagnosed with a hernia in her diaphragm, requiring emergency surgery to save her life. BPF designated Lula as Grateful Pet to support her surgery. Homeward Bound gave Lula so much love and special care, yet sadly, the 1 lb. puppy died of pneumonia just three days later.

HARVEY | Animal Aid for Vermilion Area, Scott, LA

Harvey was hit by a car and taken to local animal control and later an emergency veterinarian as it was clear his injuries were beyond the shelter’s means. AAVA was contacted about Harvey and learned that without surgery, he would likely be unable to walk, or would heal in a way that would result in lifelong pain. The vet recommended euthanasia if there was no funding for surgery. AAVA was determined to save Harvey and reached out to BPF for help. BPF immediately named Harvey a Grateful Pet to support his surgery and recovery for a happy life. The surgery was successful, and Harvey is awaiting his forever home.

MAYAH | AnimalVillageNM, Alamogordo, NM

Mayah had been living on a reservation and was dropped at a nearby vet as a stray. She was starving, sick with giardia, and injured by dozens of porcupine quills in her face, which had caused a massive infection. Part of her ear had been torn off by a dog pack attack. Worse, she was trying to keep her 6 babies alive. Mayah’s surrender led to the discovery of 14 more starving dogs, all suffering from different illnesses. BPF named Mayah a Grateful Pet to support her extensive treatment, which allowed AVNM to help the remaining pets needing help. All the pets are receiving loving care to prepare them for forever homes.

DION | It’s A Pittie Rescue, Peotone, IL

Dion was first taken into Chicago Animal Care and Control as a stray. There, he was a staff and volunteer favorite because of his great personality. After a short time at the shelter, Dion became seriously ill with an upper respiratory infection. He refused to eat and would not take medication. His condition quickly became urgent. It’s a Pittie Rescue was alerted to Dion’s situation and took him in to try to save his life. He was diagnosed with pneumonia and spent days in the hospital getting treatment. BPF learned about Dion and supported his care as a Grateful Pet. A short time later, he was adopted by a great couple and is loving life!

NERON | Capital Area Humane Society, Lansing, MI

Neron, an adorable Newfoundland mix, was a new puppy when his owners discovered a limp and signs of pain. They couldn’t afford the surgery recommended by their vet, so they surrendered him to the county shelter. Neron was quickly transferred to CAHS to get proper care and, hopefully, a second chance. Cathy and the BPF team met Neron during Empty the Shelters. BPF knew this loveable puppy needed help and agreed to make Neron a Grateful Pet. Neron does need surgery because his kneecap is out of place, but he has to wait until he is full grown. For now, he is happily residing in a foster home and getting lots of TLC.

PERCIBLE | NYC Second Chance Rescue, Verplanck, NY

Percible’s story is among the saddest we have known. This precious dog was found in a plastic bag on the side of the road where he was left to die. When Percible was freed from the bag, he was unable to walk; he was panting heavily, covered with maggots, feces, urine, and insects. It was horrifying, but the rescuers made sure he received immediate treatment. BPF partner, NYC Second Chance Rescue, asked for help and BPF immediately named Percible a Grateful Pet to provide funds for his medical treatment. Percible’s needs were extensive. His limbs had endured strangulation due to the matting of dirty hair, and he would need amputation to save part of his front legs and later, prosthetics so he could walk. After a long recovery, Percible has been adopted and has found an extraordinary woman to cherish, nurture, and protect him. He can now walk and play with his new limbs, and he loves his new life!

PEANUT | Pound Buddies, Muskegon, MI

The BPF team met Peanut, a yellow Labrador mix with a severe case of mange, on a visit to Pound Buddies. Peanut was a logical choice to be a Grateful Pet. Dogs with mange appear to be beyond hope—hairless, with skin covered in sores or with thickened, hard, crusty patches all of which is caused by mite bites. It’s a horrible, painful condition. The BPF team knew that mange would prevent Peanut’s adoption, so BPF funded his treatment. He was a favorite in his foster home and soon after he recovered, Peanut found his forever family!

DK | AnimalVillageNM, Alamogordo, NM

AnimalVillageNM rescued DK from a nearby reservation that is overrun by stray animals living in dangerous conditions. AVNM was told a mountain lion had attacked DK, and they received permission to enter the reservation to save him. However, he was not suffering from bites, but from bullets. DK had been shot and left for dead but managed to survive for days despite raging wound infections and a complicated and painful fracture. He needed extensive surgery and care to recover and was immediately named a Grateful Pet to help him on his road to healing and future adoption. DK is currently receiving training to become a support dog!

KEYS | Friends Animal Shelter, Newport, TN

Keys has a heartbreaking, yet miraculous story. He came to the shelter in critical condition. His back was so swollen, it was hard to identify the cause, but he remained sweet and passive while being treated. In addition to being covered in bite wounds, there was a 6-inch deep puncture likely from a pitchfork—it was horrific. Other issues indicated Keys had been used as a bait dog and abused by a human. Fortunately, none of Keys’ internal organs had been injured, however, he required extensive surgery. BPF named him a Grateful Pet to support his operation and give him the life he deserved. After surgery, Keys was happy in a foster home but was being passed up by adopters in Tennessee. On a visit to his shelter, Cathy and the BPF team decided to bring Keys to Michigan! Keys even came to BISSELL Blocktail Party in June, where everyone loved meeting him and shortly after, he found his forever home.

DIGITS | Van Buren Animal Control, Hartford, MI

Digits arrived at Van Buren Animal Control as a stray with a badly mangled foot from being caught in a coyote trap. He was an adorable pup and Van Buren was determined to save him but needed financial support. BPF named Digits a Grateful Pet to help fund his surgery. It was with the heaviest of hearts that Van Buren reported that Digits died during his surgery due to unforeseen complications. Everyone at Van Buren adored Digits, and it was a heartbreaking reminder of the sadness that shelter workers endure every day.

CRUISER | Muskegon Humane Society, Muskegon, MI

Cruiser has only known life in a shelter. He spent his first year at Detroit Animal Care & Control before being moved across the state in hopes of finding an adopter. Cruiser has continued to wait at Muskegon Humane for two years!! He has graduated from many training and special tricks programs, but sadly, he has been adopted and returned twice. The BPF team met Cruiser made him a Grateful Pet to help him find a home by sharing his information and sponsoring his adoption fee. While waiting, something wonderful happened. Cruiser entered a program to benefit prison inmates and rescue dogs. He has 24/7 handlers and prison officials are talking about making him an official prison therapy dog!

TIM PURR-TON | Muskegon Humane Society, Muskegon, MI

When the BPF team visited Muskegon Humane for a shelter tour, Tim Purr’ton captured their hearts. Tim had entropion, a disease where his eyelids were folding inward and scratching his eyeballs. It was terribly uncomfortable and required surgery. Tim was as sweet and patient, but not desirable to adopters who would have pay for his procedure. BPF made Tim a Grateful pet and funded his surgery and follow up care to ensure he made a full recovery. Tim was adopted days after his surgery and is doing great in his new home, where he fits right in with the other family pets!

HEY-HEY | Unleashed Love Rescue, Grand Rapids, MI

Hey-Hey came to Unleashed Love at 8 weeks old. She wasn’t growing properly, and it was discovered she had a congenital Grade 6 heart murmur. Hey-Hey needed open heart surgery to prevent enlargement of the heart, heart failure and possible death by age three. No one wanted to adopt a pet with such an uncertain future, so BPF named her a Grateful Pet to give her a second chance. Hey-Hey went through a 4-hour procedure amid a January snowstorm and overcame the odds. After recovering with a loving foster family, Hey-Hey was adopted and is thriving in her new home!

CALI | Harbor Humane Society, Muskegon, MI

Cali was scheduled to be euthanized any day when Cathy met her in California. So, Cathy named her a Grateful Pet and brought her back to Michigan. Cali had been adopted twice and brought back both times because she didn’t get along with other dogs at those homes. After a few days destressing at Cathy’s home, Cali went to Harbor Humane, where she was a shelter favorite, hanging out in the office during the day. The staff gave her love and reinforcement during her 4-month stay and never gave up on her. The third time is the charm! Cali is now in her true forever home.

LANKY | Paws for Life Animal Rescue, Troy, MI

Lanky, a setter/shepherd mix, was rescued by Paws for Life Animal Rescue after languishing at a local shelter. At only 2-years-old, he was severely underweight and at risk for euthanasia. The shelter could not get him to gain weight. Lanky would require extensive diagnostics and treatment and BPF named him a Grateful Pet to get him the help he needed. Lanky was seen by veterinary specialists to help him put on weight, treat a urinary tract infection, and improve his B12 count. Lanky is doing great now—gaining weight and enjoying his forever home in a wonderful country setting in Michigan!

TAXI | Harbor Humane Society, Muskegon, MI

Taxi, a German Shepard pup from a backyard breeding operation, arrived at the shelter when he was just 7 weeks old. He lacked coordination, and an examination determined he had hydrocephalus, a disease with excessive fluid in the brain, which could cause complications including blindness, seizures, and premature death. BPF named Taxi a Grateful Pet to fund diagnostic testing at Michigan State University Veterinary Center to find the prognosis and next steps. Unfortunately, despite incredible care from Harbor Humane, Taxi did not survive. Our hearts go out to all who loved and cared for Taxi.

BELLA & CINNAMON | Hayward Animal Shelter, Hayward, CA

Cathy met Bella (7) and Cinnamon (9) during an Empty the Shelters event. She couldn’t believe no one considered adopting this adorable, cuddly pair and designated them as Grateful Pets. They needed more exposure, so Cathy helped them get transferred to Berkeley Humane Society, where they would be featured prominently and seen by different adopters. They continued to wait for two more months; however, the staff discovered that the pair wasn’t truly bonded and could be adopted separately. Today, they are both thriving in their new homes. Big thanks to all the caregivers who never gave up on Bella and Cinnamon!

STARFISH | NYC Second Chance Rescue, NY, NY

Starfish was dropped at a Georgia shelter dirty, scared, and dragging her back legs. She had suffered paralysis in her rear and the shelter knew she’d have no chance there, so they reached out to NYC Second Chance Rescue, who immediately committed to saving her. Fortunately, her paralysis was temporary. BPF named Starfish a Grateful Pet to help fund the rehabilitation she would need to become adoptable. It took so many dedicated people to give Starfish a second chance, and we are thrilled to announce that she was adopted into her forever home!

SUGAR | Chicago Canine Rescue, Chicago, IL

Sugar and her two tiny puppies came to CCR as strays. Her puppies were adopted quickly and she was placed with a foster family who adopted her. Shortly after, she suffered paralysis and was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease. The round the clock care became too much for her family to manage and sadly, she was returned CCR. BPF designated Sugar as a Grateful Pet to help cover her medical costs so she could get into a loving home.


Cassie was in a boarding facility for 7 long years, waiting to be rescued. Due to her confinement, she had underlying health issues, including a heart condition, skin cancer, and severe arthritis. Her body was aging more rapidly due to lack of exercise. She also had not been socialized with people or other dogs. Cathy was determined to help and named Cassie a Grateful Pet. Cathy knew the perfect person for Cassie and reached out to Candice (of Roofus and Kilo) who welcomed Cassie without hesitation. Now she has the dream life at Candice’s incredible sanctuary!

MAJOR | Hayward Animal Shelter, Hayward, California.

Major is a gorgeous German Shepard with Megaesophagus, a disorder in which the esophagus dilates and loses its ability to move food into the stomach, requiring a pet to be vertical when eating and drinking. While manageable, it requires an extraordinary commitment. Hayward worked tirelessly to care for and find a place for this special dog, but Cathy and BPF provided extra help by designating Major as a Grateful Pet. Major’s story was shared through BPF’s national partner and social networks, and BPF paid for his transport to Ohio, where Louie’s Legacy arranged for a foster until he was adopted.

OSCAR | Pet Helpers Adoption Center, Charleston, SC

Oscar came to PHAC as a stray in September 2018. Upon his arrival, the 4-year-old suffered from horrible hair loss, raw, irritated skin and was heartworm positive. PHAC treated Oscar’s medical issues, however, he had trust and behavioral issues from his time fending for himself on the streets of Charleston. While visiting Pet Helpers, Cathy and the BPF team named Oscar a Grateful Pet to support the training he needed to be adopted. Stay tuned—Oscar is still waiting, but we hope to have a happy update soon!

BLU | Berkeley Humane Society, Berkeley, CA

Blu was first adopted from BHS as a puppy, but 8 months later came back as a stray. He was quickly adopted a second time by loving adopters who later discovered he had a knee problem. Surgery was needed. Blu was returned to Berkeley again, where his winning personality made him desirable, but the prospect of knee surgery scared off adopters. BPF offered to pay for the double ACL surgery on Blu’s knees, and after recovering from the first surgery in a foster home, the foster family decided to officially adopt Blu!

HONEY | Arizona Humane Society, Phoenix, AZ

Honey was a sweet pit bull who had just been taken in and needed immediate medical care. Her appearance indicated she had been mistreated as she was underfed, had an eye issue and her coat was destroyed by mange. BPF offered to pay for Honey’s medical treatment as a Grateful Pet, but sadly, her internal injuries were too much to overcome. Two weeks later, Honey passed away. Fortunately, she was able to receive love and affection from the great people at AHS before she left this world.

SULLY | Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, Phoenix, AZ.

When Cathy and the BPF team were visiting MCACC, they met an adorable Shar Pei/pit mix who came in as a stray puppy and had been in the shelter for nearly a year. Sully was playful, potty-trained and loveable, but skin issues caused potential adopters to pass him over. BPF offered to pay for treatment to help make him adoptable. Just four days after seeing the vet, Sully was adopted into a loving home with two other dogs.