Shelters across the country are facing overcrowding. At BISSELL Pet Foundation, we are doing all that we can to help, but we need your voice to bring awareness to this crisis. With seasonal high-intake, short-staffing, scarcity of shelter veterinarians, and slowing adoptions, the majority of shelters are struggling to care for all the animals entering their facilities. 

It’s time to #HelpOurShelters. 

On Friday, August 6, 2021, join us and take-part in a national awareness campaign on social media. Using the hashtag  #HelpOurShelters, share your stories about shelter pets and encourage your community members to provide help by becoming foster families and/or adopting a cat or dog into their home. The awareness campaign is to demonstrate the scope and size of the countrywide need for support for animal shelters.

Here are shareable social media graphics to make it easy to #HelpOurShelters: 

Sample language for social posts to get you started:  


  • [SHELTER NAME] needs your help now more than ever. We are over capacity, short staffed, veterinary access is becoming increasingly more difficult and adoptions are slow. We never want to euthanize for lack of space, but with these conditions it’s a difficult decision we may have to make. By adopting or fostering a pet, you create a space at the shelter that is desperately needed right now. Please #HelpOurShelters and spread this message.  
  • Our shelter needs your help. This summer has been difficult, and we are bursting at the seams with adoptable animals, but adoptions are slow, and space is limited. If you’ve ever adopted a pet from [SHELTER NAME] share a post or story using the hashtag #HelpOurShelters and together we can drive awareness for shelters in need, like us. Through adoption and fostering we can alleviate this problem, but we need your support! 
  • Here are some ways to #HelpOurShelters during this difficult time: 
    • Adopt – This opens a space at the shelter and provides a safe, loving home for a pet.    
    • Foster – Fostering a pet frees up a kennel space for another pet who urgently needs one. In many places, moms with puppies/kittens, orphaned babies, pets recovering from injury or illness, and long-stay pets urgently need foster homes.   
    • Help Lost Pets Find Their Way Back Home – If you find a friendly lost pet, file a found report, get it scanned for a microchip at a local vet, and hold the pet for at least 48 hours and try to get it home without coming to the shelter. 


  • Shelters across the country are bursting at the seams right now. We need to work together to #HelpOurShelters and raise awareness for adoption and fostering to create space in the shelters and find pets loving homes. Just by sharing this message, you are using your voice to help save adoptable pets from euthanasia this summer.  
  • Right now, shelters across the country are struggling to care for their animals. They are overcrowded, understaffed and in need of people to choose adoption first. If you have been wanting to add a pet to your family, now is the time to adopt. If you aren’t 100% sure yet, try fostering a pet for a weekend. This still makes a difference because it opens a kennel space at the shelter for another pet in need. Adopt, foster, save lives. Please #HelpOurShelters! 

If you’re not active on social media but would still like to #HelpOurShelters through a gift, click the button below.  


Generating local media exposure to tell the story about the crisis will help drive potential adopters and fosters to your shelter. We encourage you to use our press release template to share with your local media contacts to tell the story. If you need additional help with media relations outreach, please contact Tori Allen at