Shhh…We found Cathy Bissell’s Christmas List!

Cathy Bissell’s Christmas List—TOP SECRET!!

-For my friends: this year get gifts for their pets! PupJoy & Pet Safe!

-For friends w/ dogs: Customize PupJoy Boxes for each of their dogs. Their dogs will love the delicious treats & durable toys and $2 per order goes to BPF!! (get them for KC, Roxy & Taz too)

-For friends w/ cats: Get Pet Safe interactive cat toys. Their cats will be busy for hours and Pet Safe supports BPF!

For my friends adopting pets in 2017 and my newly adopted dog, Riley: AdoptBox!
-AdoptBox has everything they need to bring an adopted pet home and my purchase supports future adoptions! Order for cat & dog adopters!

For the BPF Team: BISSELL CrossWave!
-The BPF team is so busy! CrossWave will make cleaning up after their pets so much faster by vacuuming & washing the floor at the same time!

Note to self: Don’t forget to order between 11/25-11/28 and BISSELL will donate 10% of ALL purchases to BPF!!

For pets at the local shelters: DOG for DOG food and treats!
-My dogs love DOG for DOG and for every item purchased an item is donated to help a pet in need! Paw it forward!

For my family: (they don’t really need anything!)
-Make donations in their honor to BISSELL Pet Foundation! Much better than another scarf! Do this on #GivingTuesday


This Adoption Saved Three Lives

When you adopt a pet, you save your pet’s life and the one that takes its place in the shelter.  Recently during EMPTY THE SHELTERS, Ida was rescued to save her owner’s life as well.

Two-month-old Ida was adopted from Lenawee Humane Society in Southeast Michigan by a local college student. Ida had already begun basic obedience training, but now she will additionally go on to become a Diabetic Alert Dog for her new owner. Ida’s owner is a Type 1 diabetic who has struggled to maintain a healthy blood sugar level between playing football, everyday stress and adjusting to college. Type 1 diabetes can require frequent monitoring and injections of insulin, and Ida will be trained to alert her owner before he would notice any symptoms.  This detection will allow Ida’s owner time to check his glucose levels and take the necessary steps to avoid serious complications.   Night was a troubling time for Ida’s owner because he was particularly worried that while he slept his blood sugar would go too low without detection. Having Ida as a Diabetic Alert Dog will bring him the peace of mind needed to settle into a normal routine and maintain his healthy, active lifestyle. Ida will truly be a lifesaver.  dylan-and-ida

Shelter pets are amazing!  Is your adopted pet a trained service pet?  If so we’d love to hear your story!

Help Dylan and Ida with Diabetic Alert Dog Training

Willie Nelson, Buddy and the Brothers—Great ETS Stories Just Keep Coming!

Willie Nelson, a 2-year-old Pit mix, had been in the Livingston County Animal Control and Shelter for months just waiting for the right home.  Willie Nelson was relatively picky in his preferences–not always friendly with men, no cats, and choosey with his dog friends!  However, he LOVES women, adores older children and is great to be around. The Livingston staff was looking for the perfect fit; it felt like a tall order, but ETS brought new adopters and among them was Willie Nelson’s owner—a man!  The staff knew it was true love seeing Willie’s big head looking out the car window with both Willie and his new best friend smiling from ear to ear.


At Kent County Animal Shelter, an adorable little boy was waiting in line planning to adopt the shelter’s black Lab mix, Bartholomew.  We all know this is tricky, because pets can’t be reserved and the event was first come, first served.  The boy was about third in line, but he told everyone who asked that he would be taking home that particular dog.  Well, we aren’t sure if number 1 or 2 in line had plans for the same dog, but after waiting with that cute boy, no one would have considered it!  The boy and his family were the perfect match for Bartholomew and quickly claimed their new pet as “Buddy” on his Gotcha Day certificate.  Buddy and the boy were destined to be buddies forever.


At BISSELL Headquarters, everyone was overjoyed when these two brothers came in and adopted dog brothers!  These two littermates will live out the rest of their lives visiting each other and playing together as family in loving homes.  We couldn’t ask for a happier ending!




Now accepting applications – BISSELL Pet Foundation Junior Board!

We are now accepting applications for the BISSELL Pet Foundation Junior Board, a young professional advisory committee.  We believe the delivery of our mission can be greatly enhanced by the involvement of young professionals with a passion for pets, shelters, and animal welfare organizations.  Please review the documents below; interviews will be held November 2016.  Interested candidates should mail their resume and completed application to

BISSELL Pet Foundation Overview
Junior Board Application


EMPTY THE SHELTERS: It’s More than Just Numbers, It’s People and Pets

1,960 pets adopted.  3,920 lives saved.  57 locations across the state of Michigan. The numbers are staggering and we are beyond thrilled with the results, but most important are the lives that were changed.  It’s about people and pets.

Animal welfare workers develop deep affection for the pets in their care.  They want to see every pet find a loving home, but it can become more difficult to find the right family for older pets and those that have been in the shelter for a long time.  The workers get attached to these special pets, so they are extremely emotional when they find a home.  Here are some stories they shared that warmed our hearts.

Arenac County Animal Control had a special, senior dog they really hoped wouldriley-sleeping be adopted at ETS, however, most of the adopters came looking for a younger dog.  Riley went unnoticed and waited patiently as people passed him by.  A young family came in to play with a different dog, but realized a high-energy pup was not suited for them.  They hadn’t considered Riley initially, but then noticed his sweet and docile personality and it was love at first sight.  Riley was gentle and calm —the perfect family pet.  That night, when the dad posted this sweet picture of Riley sleeping with his daughter, the Arenac County Animal Control workers cried tears of joy for Riley who was truly home at last.


A similar story came from Best Pals Animal Rescue Center. A rescue worker had been caring for Cody and became particularly attached to him, but was grateful to see just the right person who truly needed this dog.  When she put Cody in the elderly gentleman’s arms, he said, “I love him already.  I am so lonely after losing my wife of 59 years!  I am alone, but not anymore!”  Again, tears of happiness flowed as Cody and the man saved each other.


BPF is so grateful for the animal rescue workers who work tirelessly to find good homes for pets and to the people who open their hearts to adoption.  We are also grateful that PetSmart Charities™ believed in our work and supported us to save even more lives during EMPTY THE SHELTERS.  Thank you!