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Bissell Pet Foundation Terms & Conditions for Monetary Awards

BISSELL Pet Foundation (the “Foundation”) is a charitable organization, tax-exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(3). As part of its mission, the Foundation provides funding to qualifying animal welfare organizations through grants, sweepstakes, contests, and other programs. All organizations accepting monetary awards of any kind from the Foundation (“Recipients”) are required to abide by the following terms and conditions. Acceptance of an award constitutes the Recipient’s consent to abide by these terms and conditions.

Recipient Eligibility
Prior to receiving Foundation funds, all Recipients must:
1. Be incorporated as a nonprofit agency, recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(3), or be a public (local government) entity;
2. Operate and be located in the continental United States, Hawaii or Alaska;
3. Be qualified to do business in the state or territory in which it is located;
4. Be actively engaged in helping to reduce the number of homeless animals in the community through pet adoption, spay/neuter programs, microchipping, foster care, or providing safety-net services that keep pets in their homes;
5. Be a member in good standing of the BISSELL Partner for Pets Program, which includes the continued display of the required program logo on Recipient’s website; and
6. Complete and execute a BISSELL Funding Acceptance Agreement and a BISSELL Media Release Form.

Prohibited Use of Funding
Recipients agree not to use Foundation funds for the following:
1. Indirect or ancillary costs of veterinarian care (e.g., transportation, gas cards, administrative fees, etc.);
2. General operating expenses or overhead (e.g., payment of salaries or routine maintenance);
3. Professional development for staff;
4. Advertising (e.g., graphic design, printing, website development, etc.);
5. Fuel for mobile clinics or animal transfer programs;
6. Equipment purchases;
7. Deficit reduction or operational deficiencies;
8. Fundraising or special events;
9. Capital campaigns and/or large building projects;
10. Start-up costs;
11. Grants to specific individuals or individual animals;
12. Wildlife or marine life rehabilitation or rescue; and
13. Political activities.

Additional Terms for BISSELL Pet Foundation Grant Programs
In addition to the above, Recipients of grants under BISSELL Pet Foundation Grant Programs (including the BISSELL Blocktail Party Grant Program, BISSELL Pet Foundation National Grant Program, Howl’O’Ween Hoof and Woof Grant Program, Emergency Grant Program, EMPTY THE SHELTERS, or grants awarded via a sweepstakes winner designation) agree to the
1. All grant Recipients will submit a year-end grant report in the format requested by the Foundation at (“Grant Report”) no later than 12 months after the award’s effective date or prior to applying for future funding whichever comes first;
2. If Recipient’s grant is more than $5,000, 50% of the grant will be withheld until Recipient submits an acceptable mid-year Grant Report. Recipient understands and agrees that after the initial release of funds, of which at least 90% are expended, Recipient must submit a Grant Report before the remaining funds will be released to Recipient by the Foundation. If Recipient fails to submit a mid-year Grant Report within 12 months of receipt of grant funds, the remaining funds will be rescinded;
3. Recipients will not be considered for future Foundation grants until all required Grant Reports for prior grants are submitted and approved;
4. Recipient further understands and acknowledges that the grant funds will only be available for use for one year after the initial release date. If Recipient has not used at least 80% of grant funds within 12 months of receipt of funds, the Foundation reserves the right to (i) reduced future grant awards by the amount not used, (ii) direct the Recipient to re-allocate the funds for another purpose, and/or (iii) require Recipient to promptly refund the unused funds;
5. Recipients may not apply for another Foundation grant within 24 months of submission of accepted grant application;
6. Recipients will ensure that all surgeries arranged by the Recipient are performed by a veterinarian with appropriate state licensure and that all surgical procedures performed, as well as the related pain management, comply with the Humane Alliance surgical protocols, including a minimum of 24 hours of pain prevention for animals undergoing surgical sterilization;
7. Recipients found to misrepresent themselves or their data in grant applications or Grant Reports will be removed as Partners for Pets members, will no longer be eligible for future funding, and will promptly return award funds upon the Foundation’s request;
8. To the extent Recipient’s grant is awarded based on a grant application completed by the Recipient, Recipient will (i) ensure that grant funds are spent consistently with the allocation specified in the grant application, and (ii) keep adequate books and records, consistent with generally accepted accounting practices, to substantiate the use of the funds. Foundation may audit Recipient’s records anytime within 3 years after receipt of grant funds upon reasonable notice to verify Recipient’s use of funds;
9. Recipients that mismanage grant funds (e.g., spend funds for purposes not included in grant application or for prohibited uses described above) will be removed as Partners for Pets members, will no longer be eligible for future funding, and will promptly return award funds upon the Foundation’s request;
10. Recipient will ensure that any public mention of the grant refers to “BISSELL Pet Foundation” and that the Foundation is furnished with copies of any forms of publicity that mention the grant;
11. Recipient permits the Foundation to use the Recipient’s name and logo on its website or in its future marketing, promotional and fundraising efforts;
12. Recipient assigns and grants to the Foundation, BISSELL Homecare, Inc., and all its affiliated entities (collectively, “BISSELL”), as well as their representatives and employees, the right to use and publish any images and/or information provided in connection with the grant, including the right to reproduce, exhibit, broadcast, electronically store and/or distribute such images/information. Recipient specifically waives any right to compensation for the foregoing and hereby releases BISSELL from
any and all liability from such use and/or publication; and
13. Recipient agrees that the Foundation’s decisions regarding the awards it grants, and any subsequent determinations regarding grant management, are in the sole discretion of the Foundation and final.
14. Recipients must maintain the required BISSELL Partners for Pets program logo in a prominent location on their website under the link submitted in their grant application throughout the duration of their participation in the program. Failure to do so could cause a delay in the release of funds and/or jeopardize future grant awards. The Foundation reserves the right to rescind or suspend the grant award or terminate the Recipient’s participation in the Partners for Pets Program (including donations), in whole or in part, for any reason or no reason, at any time. The Foundation reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at its sole discretion without notice. Updates, however, will be posted to Therefore, it is the Recipient’s responsibility to review the terms and conditions periodically to ensure continued compliance.