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Disaster Relief

We’re Here to Help in Times of Crisis

Why We Do This Work

Natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes are devastating events for pets inside and outside of shelters. When natural disasters strike, our partner organizations know they can count on BISSELL Pet Foundation to respond to their call to save endangered pets.

How We Make a Difference

BPF and our National Shelter Alliance work collaboratively to provide immediate disaster response and expertise during a crisis. When a natural disaster such as a hurricane devastates a community, shelters and rescues alike cope with displaced pets, loss of food and storm damage. BPF, along with our partners, provides disaster response to impact pets at all stages of the natural disaster.

See how we help when disasters strike.

Our Impact

Daschund type mixed breed dog in crate.

Thank you to BISSELL Pet Foundation for all they have done over just the last two months to help Kentucky dogs and cats! The Kentucky Humane Society could not ask for a better partner, and we are so thankful for your commitment to helping vulnerable pets. BPF provided vital transport logistics in getting Kentucky pets out immediately of shelters after the December 2021 storms.”

Kentucky Humane Society in Louisville, KY

Your support allows us to act quickly when disaster strikes.

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