March 9th

Coast to Coast: Giving Thousands of Pets a Second Chance with BPF Grants!

Big and Small.  We help them all. California. Connecticut.  Florida. Minnesota…and everywhere in between! BISSELL Pet Foundation’s Fall Partner Grants awarded $544,105 to 98 organizations in 33 states for lifesaving programs that give deserving pets a second chance! We are proud to partner with organizations who are making a difference to save lives through their […]

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February 22nd

Overcoming Challenges to Save Lives

We can’t say it enough times: if you want to prevent pet overpopulation, spay and neuter your pets. The solution seems simple…but it’s not simple for everyone. When it’s a choice between paying the heating bill and paying for a spay/neuter procedure, it’s not easy. Our animal welfare partners work hard to educate communities about […]

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February 13th

Making a Difference for Pets in Puerto Rico

Months after Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico, the island continues to face numerous challenges, among them, an overwhelming animal welfare crisis. An incalculable number of companion animals were lost and abandoned during evacuations, further contributing to the island’s growing stray population of more than 100,000 animals. Those pets who remained with their owners on the […]

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January 22nd

Want to save thousands of homeless pets?

The solution is simple – spay/neuter your pets! This preventative measure is the most effective way to address pet overpopulation. There are currently more than 6 million homeless pets in shelters and rescues across the country, and by spaying or neutering your pet, you can become an active part of the solution. Did you know […]

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November 15th

Sometimes Failure is Really Success!

Foster failures, we’re talking about you! You know who you are. You bring a pet into your home, sometimes one who needs a little TLC to recover from injury or illness before going to a shelter, and while you are fostering, you fall in love! BISSELL Pet Foundation loves a good foster failure story. In […]

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November 9th

When the Teacher’s Pet is a Therapy Dog!

Feeling stressed? Your pet snuggles up beside you and after a few kisses and a belly rub (for your pet!), you start to feel better. Scientific studies confirm what pet owners have always known:  interaction with a pet reduces stress. Now schools are starting to see the benefits of therapy dogs helping students in stressful […]

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October 31st

5 Tips to Make Halloween All Treats and No Tricks for Your Pet

Most pets love the security of a routine and Halloween is anything but routine! Keep the scary factor down with these tips to help your pet stay safe on Halloween.  1. Keep the Halloween Candy Out of Reach Chocolate in all forms and sugar-free candy containing xylitol can cause serious problems in pets. Have pet […]

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October 19th

First-time adopters agree: Adoption is the best Option!

Kevin’s kids were in for a big surprise when they woke up from their naps on Saturday afternoon.  His family came to Empty The Shelters in the morning and met Ambrosia who was a perfect fit with their 1-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter.  Kevin’s family has pets at home, but this was their first adoption.  […]

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October 10th

It’s Never Too Late—Empty The Shelters with Cathy Bissell

Empty The Shelters started in May of 2016, and on October 14, BISSELL Pet Foundation (BPF) will hold its 9th event.  Can you explain how the program came about and why it is so important to you and the foundation? There are two parts to the answer:  Until every pet has a home, and I can’t […]

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