July 18th

Dogs in Hot Cars. Know Your State’s Laws. 2 minute read

Summer is here—it’s a great time to take your dog to a pet-friendly beach or on your family vacation, but as pets hit the road, they are sometimes left in hot cars leading to suffering and even death. We have all faced the temptation to do a quick errand with our pet in the car […]

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June 20th

We Came. We Saw. We Rocked!

On June 11, we rocked our Blocktails at the “Best DOG-GONE Party in Town!” The 14th annual BISSELL Blocktail Party raised critical life-saving funds for pets in shelters and rescues and we’re so thankful for all the volunteers, sponsors and attendees who made 2019 our most rockin’ year yet! Fellow pet lovers were invited to […]

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May 2nd

Microchips Are a Must! Is Your Pet’s Chip Registered?

Did you know that July is Lost Pet Prevention Month? With summer in full swing, often dogs and cats can’t resist the smells and activity outside. Bunnies, chipmunks, backyard BBQs, and other natural urges might lure your pet away from home. There is always going to be that one time the pet sneaks out—even for […]

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April 25th

Thinking About Adopting a Pet? Read on for important tips!

Thank you for considering adoption! There’s nothing like the feeling you’ll get when you give a pet a second chance at life! The first few days in your home will be both special and critical for you and your pet. With advance planning and by understanding what to expect, you can make it a smooth […]

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April 2nd

Cathy Bissell’s Grateful Pet Tour is Coming to a Shelter Near You!

“We are not only grateful for our shelter and rescue partners, but we also know they’re grateful for our help.” – Cathy Bissell   Learn more about the Grateful Pet Tour and how BISSELL Pet Foundation is supporting its journey through a Q&A with Cathy Bissell. Q: Why did you decide to launch the Grateful Pet Tour? […]

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February 22nd

February is National Pet Dental Health Month—Break Out the Floss! 

Dental health is a very important part of your pet’s overall wellness and if ignored, dental problems can lead to issues beyond just the mouth. Your pet’s teeth and gums should be checked at least once a year by your veterinarian to make sure everything is okay. However, if at any time you have concerns that your pet may be in […]

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February 7th

5 Ways to Show a Pet LOVE on Valentine’s Day

Here at BISSELL Pet Foundation, Valentine’s Day is not just for humans! We show all pets love 365 days a year, but there are plenty of pet-centric ways for you and a furry friend to celebrate this special day together. 1. Date Night with Your Pet Snuggle up on the couch and watch your favorite […]

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January 29th

BPF’s Reach Hits Alaska

BISSELL Pet Foundation is proud to have partners in all 50 states with our impact reaching pets in every part of the country. In 2018, BPF awarded our first grant in Alaska, with $3,800 to Clear Creek Cat Rescue (CCCR) in Wasilla which helped to save feral cats from dangerous conditions. Clear Creek Cat Rescue […]

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December 4th

Empty the Shelters Brings Holiday Hope to Thousands of Pets

Holiday hope was spread across the country on Saturday, December 1, when pet lovers had the chance to adopt a pet for $20, while BISSELL Pet Foundation covered the remainder of the adoption fees at 81 shelters across 14 states. Cathy Bissell and the BPF team are so grateful for the adopters who chose to […]

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November 7th

Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet:

Whether you are a long-time pet owner, or If you’ve never owned a pet before, adopting a senior pet is an incredibly rewarding experience. Often, seniors are overlooked in the shelters, but they have so much love to give. Seniors deserve to spend their golden years in a forever home and you’ll never regret adopting […]

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