“The work that BISSELL Pet Foundation does is incredible! Thank you for giving Friends of DACC a much-needed grant!”

“You made my children very happy. I will support and purchase BISSELL Brand products from this day forward. Thank you.”

“Greatly appreciate and applaud your care and donations to get these pets into homes and out of shelters.”

“I have tremendous respect and appreciation for BISSELL Pet Foundation offering this service to shelters, homeless animals, and families everywhere. Thank you for your community support.”

“I love what your company is doing to make sure all animals find a home.”

“Just wanted to say thank you to BPF for sponsorship on the project. We could never have afforded her fee, but she is a very happy, relaxed dog, who has found her forever family. Thank you so much to BPF!”

“I really appreciate BPF helping pay for the adoption. I am on a fixed income, and it allowed me to afford the other things I needed for my new pet (litter box, food bowl, cat tree). Thank you BISSELL Pet Foundation!”

“Thank you so much for supporting so many shelters with the empty the shelter days!”

“Thank you for sponsoring this and so many other adoption events! The staff and volunteers were amazing, asking questions and making sure that everyone who was there were matched with the
right pet.”

“We could not have afforded our sweet dog if it wasn’t for you. Our last dog died 2 years ago, and my heart is still broken. I believe God gave us this beautiful dog to heal our grief. We are totally and completely in love with this 106 pound puppy :)”

“Wonderful event! Great for all those sweet animals!”

“Thanks for helping me bring a new member of my family home!”