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Saving Lives One Transport at a Time

Why We Do This Work

By transporting adoptable pets from overcrowded shelters—mainly in the South—to rescue partners with adopters seeking pets, the pets find homes, and lives are saved. BISSELL Pet Foundation has created a critical network to support shelters that previously had nowhere else to turn.

How We Make a Difference

In 2021, BPF expanded our transport program from ground efforts to include air transport. Utilizing chartered cargo planes, we arrange flights for homeless pets to shelter and rescue partners waiting to find them loving homes. Adding air transport allowed us to move more pets longer distances and faster, making cross-country trips in a few hours instead of a few days, which is less stressful for the dogs and cats on the move.



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White and brown dog sitting in a crate waiting for transport

We cannot begin to express our gratitude to BISSELL Pet Foundation for all they have done and continue to do for small-rural shelters and rescues just like us. Without the help of BPF’s lifesaving transport program, many of our dogs would still be sitting where they were down here with us, but they are now in a home of their very own enjoying every moment of their newfound life. ”

Haseya’s New Beginnings Animal Rescue in Rayne, Louisiana

We can’t do these critical, lifesaving efforts without your support.

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