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Spay & Neuter

Saving Lives Through Spay/Neuter

Why We Do This Work

Shelters in our nation are already overburdened with homeless pets. Unplanned litters from unsterilized homeless pets, and even family pets, only add to the overpopulation problem.

How We Make a Difference

BISSELL Pet Foundation’s grant funding makes it possible for hundreds of trusted partner organizations to sterilize tens of thousands of pets each year. BPF grants allow shelters to both safely spay and neuter pets before adopting them out to families and provide these important services to their community members. This key strategy to end pet homelessness prevents unwanted litters and dramatically decreases the number of pets entering shelters. 

Spay/Neuter Impact





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Grant Information

striped cat

Blossom was a young pregnant mom when she was found under a house. Within a few days of becoming part of our foster program, she gave birth to five beautiful babies. When Blossom was taken to the vet soon after giving birth, it was found that she still had baby teeth. Blossom gave up her kittenhood to nurture her babies. With help from a BISSELL Pet Foundation grant, she and her babies have all been spayed and neutered, and adopted.”

Animal Protection Association, Jeffersonville, IN

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