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Spay & Neuter

Saving Lives Through Spay/Neuter

Why We Do This Work

Right now, animal shelters across the country are feeling the impact of the veterinarian shortage. Many shelters are hundreds of spay/neuter surgeries behind schedule and many communities don’t have access to veterinary care.

How We Make a Difference

BISSELL Pet Foundation stops cats and dogs from multiplying by providing grant funding to spay/neuter pets in shelters, supporting Trap-Neuter-Return programs, and sponsoring high-impact, community spay/neuter clinics. Additionally, BISSELL Pet Foundation launched the Fix the Future™ initiative in 2023 to deploy veterinarians to underserved shelters and communities through our Veterinary Services program. BPF contracts with numerous veterinarians to provide spay/neuter, vaccines and microchips to prepare shelter pets for adoption and offers free clinics to provide access to communities in need. Fix the Future also includes a voucher program to offset the cost of spay/neuter in communities where BPF has partnerships with local veterinarians. The BPF-funded vouchers remove the financial barrier for pet owners, allowing pets to stay in homes without unplanned litters, which reduces the burden on animal control and shelters.

Spay/Neuter Impact



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Grant Information

striped cat

Blossom was a young pregnant mom when she was found under a house. Within a few days of becoming part of our foster program, she gave birth to five beautiful babies. When Blossom was taken to the vet soon after giving birth, it was found that she still had baby teeth. Blossom gave up her kittenhood to nurture her babies. With help from a BISSELL Pet Foundation grant, she and her babies have all been spayed and neutered, and adopted.”

Animal Protection Association, Jeffersonville, IN

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