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Australian shepherd dog in shelter kennel
Our Programs

Healing Heartworm

Healing and Preventing Heartworm in Dogs

Why We Do This Work

A dog with heartworm is just like any other dog – they love to play, snuggle, and have fun. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of treatment, many heartworm-positive shelter dogs are overlooked by adopters, are not desirable for transport to other shelters, and never get help. In 2021, BISSELL Pet Foundation launched the Healing Heartworm program to save pets with the disease and prevent even more from contracting it.

How We Make a Difference

First, destination shelters taking in pets from BPF’s transport operations receive funding to treat heartworm-positive dogs. Second, BPF’s provide Healing Heartworm grants to proactively support shelters committing to transport and treat heartworm-positive dogs from our southern shelter partners in need. Finally, we are distributing thousands of doses of preventative medicine to stop future heartworm from occurring.

Healing Heartworm Impact









BISSELL Pet Foundation's Healing Heartworm Logo

Heartworm is a big, potentially fatal problem for dogs in animal shelters in the South. It drains the life force of dogs in shelters and the hope from the staff and volunteers who care for them. It breaks hearts physically and emotionally. BPF’s Healing Heartworm Program saves those lives and restores hope. It is a great privilege for us to be a part of this bold initiative.”

Main Line Animal Rescue in Chester Springs, PA

yellow lab Pluto with tongue out

Meet Pluto!

In July, the BPF team met Pluto at Beauregard Parish Animal Shelter in Louisiana. We transported all the pets out of this underserved, rural shelter, and while each pet is incredibly special, Pluto captured Cathy’s heart. While loading the pets onto the cargo plane for transport, Cathy felt compelled to provide extra care for Pluto and arranged for him to be taken to Harbor Humane Society near BPF headquarters in Michigan. After he tested heartworm positive, BPF awarded a Healing Heartworm grant to the shelter to begin treatment immediately. We’re happy to report he has since recovered, and because the cost of treatment was not a barrier, Pluto was adopted by a loving family.

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