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Helping Pets Find Their Way Home

Why We Do This Work

A registered microchip can make a huge difference for lost pets or in case of emergency. Not only do microchips act as a form of permanent identification in case a pet is ever lost, but they also help quickly reunite lost pets with their owners, preventing family pets from ending up in shelters.

How We Make a Difference

BPF, in partnership with Petstablished, provides microchips directly to partners in need to ensure that each pet we impact through our Empty the Shelters and Spay/Neuter programs receives this lifesaving identification and lifetime registration.

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Thank you so very much to BISSELL Pet Foundation for providing microchips to numerous Texas communities. With BPF’s support, we were able to implant 111 pets that will now be able to be reunited with their families if they for some reason get separated! And we have had many requests to hold another event, which we will be planning soon.”

Pitty Paws Bully Rescue in Victoria, TX

bloodhound dog being microchipped

Together, we can reunite lost pets with their families.

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