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Crisis & Disaster Response

Responding to the Unimaginable

Why We Do This Work

Animal Incident Management (AIM) is prepared to respond when pets are in life-threatening situations with a number of resources, including on-the-ground support for the animals and the people who care for them during crises and disasters.

How We Make a Difference

AIM responds to crises ranging from natural disasters to disease outbreaks and puppy mill cases, even in the most difficult situations.  From pre-event planning to post-event recovery, animal search and rescue, shelter support, transport and mass care/humanitarian efforts, AIM ensures the safety of pets in harm’s way. Working in collaboration with Animal Search and Rescue (ASAR) Training and Response and BISSELL Pet Foundation’s National Shelter Alliance experts and partner shelters throughout the country, we assist with large-scale incidents where pets desperately need lifesaving care; secure resources such as temporary housing and treatment in cases of disease outbreak; and provide transport for pets to safety before and after natural disasters strike.

Recently, BPF’s Director of Shelter Outreach and Policy Development, Kim Alboum, was ASAR’s podcast talking about our AIM initiative and how shelters can plan and prepare for disasters.


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See our past emergency support.

Our Impact

Doodle dog with matted fur saved from a puppy mill

In the first few months of 2022, Greater Birmingham Humane Society experienced a large-scale hoarding case of 140+ sick dogs, two tornadoes, a distemper outbreak and a puppy mill bust. Each and every time we were asked to respond to these disasters, we said, “Yes.” We always do, but only because of the support of the BISSELL Pet Foundation team. Thank you for being the "Yes" that gives hope, prevents death, stops suffering and saves so many lives.”

Greater Birmingham Humane Society in Birmingham, AL

Your support allows us to act quickly when pets need us most.

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