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BISSELL Pet Foundation touches the lives of pets every day. Get the latest news and read more about our lifesaving work, events and happy tails.

cathy and dog
September 7, 2023 Cathy’s Blog

How Housing Issues Impact Our Nation’s Animal Shelters

cathy and dog
September 7, 2023 Cathy’s Blog

How Housing Issues Impact Our Nation’s Animal Shelters

Empty the Shelters Adoption Impact
August 8, 2023 Press Releases

BISSELL Pet Foundation Sets New Adoption Record During Summer National Empty the Shelters

An average of 1,225 pets were adopted each day of the nation’s largest funded adoption event.

Brindle dog tethered to trash-covered shelter.
July 17, 2023 Press Releases

BISSELL Pet Foundation Saves More Than 70 Dogs From a “Rescuer” in Central Mississippi

BISSELL Pet Foundation provides lifesaving assistance in large-scale animal cruelty case

cathy and dog
June 27, 2023 Cathy’s Blog

Giving Second Chances to 240+ Dogs Through BPF’s Animal Incident Management Program

Cathy shares details of BPF's Animal Incident Management team's recent mission in Missouri.

Empty the Shelters Summer National Event
June 22, 2023 Press Releases

BISSELL Pet Foundation Partners with MetLife Pet Insurance for Summer National Empty the Shelters July 6-31

Two national leaders join forces to save lives during the largest funded adoption event of the summer

Young boy holds a puppy in front of a Empty the Shelters backdrop celebrating the adoption.
June 1, 2023 Press Releases

Nearly 18,000 Pets Found Loving Homes through Largest-Ever “Empty the Shelters”

From May 1-15, 2023, more than 350 shelters in 45 states will reduce adoption fees thanks to BISSELL Pet Foundation and Dogtopia.

cathy and dog
May 17, 2023 Cathy’s Blog

The Compassion Fatigue Crisis in Our Nation’s Animal Shelters

Cathy passionately shares her concerns about certain animal welfare practices.

Empty the Shelters Spring National 2023
April 17, 2023 Press Releases

BISSELL Pet Foundation and Dogtopia Team Up to “Empty the Shelters”

From May 1-15, 2023, more than 350 shelters in 45 states will reduce adoption fees thanks to BISSELL Pet Foundation and Dogtopia.

cathy and dog
March 16, 2023 Cathy’s Blog

3 Practices in Animal Welfare We Need to Change

Cathy passionately shares her concerns about certain animal welfare practices.

March is Feed the Shelters Month!
March 1, 2023 Press Releases

BISSELL Pet Foundation’s Feed the Shelters Campaign Encourages People to Donate Food to Shelters

Throughout March, BISSELL Pet Foundation is raising awareness to encourage community support for shelters with its Feed the Shelters® campaign.

cathy and dog
February 28, 2023 Cathy’s Blog

Payment Options: Low-Hanging Fruit for Access to Veterinary Care

Why payment options should be available everywhere and what you can do.

Animal Incident Management
February 9, 2023 Press Releases

BISSELL Pet Foundation Announces New Animal Incident Management Initiative

BISSELL Pet Foundation expands crisis and disaster response efforts with Animal Incident Management, a new collaborative program.

February 3, 2023 Cathy’s Blog

Saving Lives in St. Landry Parish

Cathy Bissell shares updates on lifesaving efforts in St. Landry Parish.

January 31, 2023 News

Meet the 2023 Junior Board of Directors!

Get to know BISSELL Pet Foundation's 2023 Junior Board of Directors!

a dog
January 16, 2023 Resources

7 New Year’s Resolutions to Help Save Homeless Pets

How to make a difference for homeless pets all year long.

cathy with a beagle
January 10, 2023 Cathy’s Blog

Improving Access to Care

Cathy Bissell talks about how the animal welfare industry can improve access to care for pet owners.

cathy and a dog
January 4, 2023 Cathy’s Blog

Supporting Source Shelters

Cathy Bissell shares how BISSELL Pet Foundation supports source shelters and how destination shelters are giving back.

a couple with a dog
December 19, 2022 Press Releases

12,667 Pets Adopted Just In Time for the Holidays

More than 12,600 shelter pets were adopted during BPF's Empty the Shelters Holiday Hope

cathy holding dog
December 7, 2022 Cathy’s Blog

Transforming Spay/Neuter in 2023

Cathy Bissell talks about BISSELL Pet Foundation's approach to spay/neuter in the year to come.

EOY header
November 15, 2022

2022 Impact Report

Your generosity empowers BISSELL Pet Foundation to make the biggest impact for pets by enabling us to respond when and where we are needed most.

Cathy holding dog
November 15, 2022 Cathy’s Blog

How to Impact Homeless Pets this Giving Tuesday and Beyond

Giving Tuesday is one of the most important days for nonprofits, and it is just around the corner.

Cathy holding puppy
November 2, 2022 Cathy’s Blog

Drawing Families into Shelters to Adopt

Cathy Bissell talks about the impact of drawing potential adopters into shelters.

Alaska clinic
October 31, 2022 News

Community Outreach

BPF is committed to impacting the lives of homeless pets in shelters and owned pets by making spay/neuter possible for those who would not otherwise be able to access these preventative procedures.

ETS Fall Recap
October 26, 2022 Press Releases

9,450 Pets Adopted During October Empty the Shelters

Nearly 9,500 shelter pets were adopted during BPF's Fall National Empty the Shelters

Horses Flooded by Hurricane Ian
October 3, 2022 Cathy’s Blog

A Disaster Response Update: Supporting Florida Shelters

BISSELL Pet Foundation is working tirelessly to support the people and animals impacted by Hurricane Ian in Florida.

September 26, 2022

Saving Lives Through Transport

Cathy Bissell details the importance of transporting pets.

Learn how to keep your pets safe during emergencies
September 12, 2022

Preparing Your Pets for Disasters & Emergencies

September 6, 2022 Cathy’s Blog

What Happens When Puppy Mills Can’t Sell Their Dogs? 

BISSELL Pet Foundation recently helped place more than 50 puppy mill puppies.

August 11, 2022 Cathy’s Blog

Every Community Has Adopters

22,165 adoptions took place during BISSELL Pet Foundation's July 2022 Empty the Shelters event.

Empty the Shelters Summer 2022 Adoption Total Announcement of 29380 Pets Impacted
August 3, 2022 Press Releases

Record-Setting Number of Pets Find Homes through BISSELL Pet Foundation’s Empty the Shelters

More than 29,000 shelter pets were impacted through adoption and transport during the nation’s largest funded adoption event.

July 29, 2022 Cathy’s Blog

Bullying Shelters is not Acceptable

Speaking up for shelters in the face of bullying as they work to support more than 4,000 beagles saved from Virginia facility.

July 27, 2022 Cathy’s Blog

Rethinking the Narrative When Marketing Shelter Pets for Adoption

Cathy Bissell shares her insights on how to rethink the narrative of the marketing of pets in the animal welfare industry.

Great Pyrenees dog
July 13, 2022 Happy Tails

Great Pyrenees Rescued From Dire Neglect Finds Home Through Empty the Shelters

Bear, the Great Pyrenees dog, was rescued by BISSELL Pet Foundation and found a loving home through Empty the Shelters.

Dr Canupp with dogs and Cathy
July 11, 2022

Veterinarian Dr. Alana Canupp, DVM, Joins the BISSELL Pet Foundation

Veterinarian Dr. Alana Canupp, DVM, joins BISSELL Pet Foundation to expand spay/neuter and veterinary care support.

Cathy Bissell and a shelter pet
July 6, 2022 Cathy’s Blog

Our Nation’s Animal Shelters are in Crisis

With rising inflation, housing changes, the increased cost of veterinary care and many people struggling to make ends meet, shelters from coast to coast are seeing a drastic increase in owner surrenders.

June 2, 2022 Cathy’s Blog

BISSELL Pet Foundation Assists with 19 Cruelty Cases and Counting

We need to talk about large-scale animal cruelty cases, like hoarding situations and puppy mills, and how they impact our shelters and exhaust precious resources.

May 24, 2022 Empty The Shelters

13,504 Pets Find Loving Homes During Spring National Empty the Shelters

With a goal of finding every pet a loving home, BISSELL Pet Foundation’s Spring Empty the Shelters set a new seasonal adoption record during the May 2022 event.

April 20, 2022 News

Empowering Partners with Training Opportunities

BISSELL Pet Foundation is constantly evolving to help homeless pets and animal welfare organizations that lack lifesaving resources.

Cathy's Blog on the Shelter Crisis
April 15, 2022

Beyond Data: A Look at our Nation’s Shelter Crisis

March 14, 2022

Protect Your Pets From Household Poisons

March 8, 2022 News

Welcome BISSELL Pet Foundation’s 2022 Junior Board

March 2, 2022

Ending the Stigma to Appreciate Shelter Employees

February 7, 2022 News

First Transport Flight of 2022 Give Texas Dogs a New Start in Canada

BISSELL Pet Foundation and Petco Love
January 27, 2022

Building Healthy Communities Together

January 24, 2022 Happy Tails

Deaf Dog Taught Sign Language Gets New Home During Empty the Shelters

January 11, 2022 Empty The Shelters

Record-Breaking 15,297 Pets Adopted During Empty the Shelters Holiday Hope

January 5, 2022

Empty the Shelters 2022

December 29, 2021

10 Years of Lifesaving Work: Happy Tails from Partners

Cathy's Blog - Holiday Photo
December 20, 2021

Reflecting on Saving Lives in 2021

December 1, 2021

2021 Impact Report

November 5, 2021

BISSELL Pet Foundation Partners with Amazon for Adoption Event

November 5, 2021

Cathy Bissell Featured on MSNBC Know Your Values “Women in Charge” Series

October 27, 2021

Fall Empty the Shelters Sets New Record for Adoptions

October 14, 2021

BISSELL Pet Foundation Transports 5,000th Dog

October 5, 2021

Reducing the Trauma of Pets in Shelters

October 1, 2021

BISSELL Pet Foundation Part of First Ever TNR in Australia  

September 22, 2021

Fighting the Sheltering Crisis of 2021

September 17, 2021

From Abandoned to Adopted: Belky’s Story

September 17, 2021

Don’t Get Tricked by Puppy Mills

September 9, 2021

Together We Can Fight Puppy Mills


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