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Adopted 2018
Grant Information

Active Grantees

Managing Your Grant

If you are a partner organization with an active grant from BISSELL Pet Foundation, you can view and report on your grant by using the Grant Portal. Information on this page is intended for partner organizations with an active grant from BPF.

Grant Portal for Active Grantees

How it Works

After submitting an application with BPF, you will activate your grant portal. All applications and required report forms will be stored within this portal.

Please note: 

  • You will not have a login or access to the grant portal until you submit an application.
  • We recommend using one shared account per organization. Using a shared email address and password will eliminate the loss of access in the event of staff turnover.
  • Report forms will only “live” under the user account that submitted the application that they relate to.

Tips for Using the Grant Portal:

  • The applications tab will show all current and past applications.
  • If you have any reports activated, a Requirements tab will appear.
  • If you open a specific requirement/report form and then close out, it will move to In Progress. Please use the filter on the right side of the screen to view New, In Progress and Completed requirements.

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Grant Reporting

Below are templates of the reports you may be required to submit for a specific grant award.

Report Examples

Grant Acceptance Agreement Examples

  • Empty the Shelters Grant Agreement
  • Spay/Neuter Grant Agreement

Update Your Information

Has your organization’s contact information changed? If so, please submit an update.

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