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Grant Information

Partnering to Save Lives

BISSELL Pet Foundation provides a variety of grant opportunities for organizations that share our lifesaving mission. We currently partner with over 5,775 animal welfare organizations in all 50 states. In order to be eligible for any and all grant funding, you must be an approved member of BPF’s Partners for Pets program.

Learn More About Partners for Pets

Grant Opportunities

We offer grant opportunities for our Partners for Pets throughout the year. Approved partner organizations are invited to apply based on the funding opportunity and your organization’s mission and programs. Learn more about BPF’s grant opportunities and apply below.

Grant Guidelines & Eligibility Requirements

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Empty the Shelters

Empty the Shelters (ETS) events are reduced-fee adoption events held simultaneously at hundreds of animal welfare organizations across the country. Organizations are to follow their own adoption processing procedures as well as meet additional program requirements highlighted below. A full list of requirements will be shared within each event-specific application.

  • Be a member of the Partners for Pets Program
  • Maintain a physical adoption facility or shelter building; the program is not suited for foster-based rescues
  • Follow reduced-fee guidelines
  • Attendance at an informational webinar before and after each event
  • General reporting
  • Available animals must be sterilized and microchipped (and registered to the new adopter before leaving your facility)
  • Follow marketing and promotional plans made by the Foundation (including utilizing branded social media assets provided by BPF, distribution of approved press releases and promotional flyers, etc.

Interested in participating in a future event? Complete and submit the form below to join our invite list. If deemed eligible, you will begin to receive event-specific applications.*

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*Please note, the above form is not the application to participate in a specific event, only expressing interest in joining the program mailing list.

Spay and Neuter

Spay/Neuter funding is available on a biannual basis. BPF typically opens our spay/neuter application in the spring and fall. Application dates are not released ahead of time. We encourage all partners to regularly check the website to see when the application becomes available.

Funding restrictions for BPF Partner Grant include:

  • Spay/Neuter: $35 will be awarded per dog spay/neuter and $25 will be awarded per cat spay/neuter. Organizations must follow ASPCA or Banfield protocols including 24 hours of pain management.
  • Microchips: microchips will be available upon request through our microchip provider, Petstablished. Microchips will be shipped directly to your organization upon the approval of a submitted spay/neuter grant application.

Grant Eligibility & Requirements

Disaster Relief & Emergency Response

BPF aims to be a dependable resource for our partner organizations when facing emergencies such as natural disasters, puppy mills, hoarding cases and other life-threatening events.

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Transport funding is awarded on an invite-only basis. BPF works to move pets from overcrowded and underfunded areas to less crowded areas to give the pet the best chance at adoption. Transport rates vary.

Give Back Program

In 2023, BPF will be implementing a shelter-to-shelter give-back program. Destination shelters will send $25 per pet back to the source shelters for each pet they take. This money will help provide vaccines and medical care for shelter pets. For shelters where BPF provides the vaccines and testing, the money can be placed in a fund for heartworm medication or emergency medical care.

The way the shelter-to-shelter give-back will work is simple. Destination shelters will select their pets from BPF’s routine transport list. Once pets arrive, they will receive an invoice from BPF with the number of pets selected from each shelter and the addresses where the givebacks should be sent. Checks will go directly to the source shelters. The give-back program does not apply to crisis and disaster transport.


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Microchip funding is typically awarded in conjunction with our Empty the Shelters and Spay/Neuter grant awards. Please see those areas to find out more on how to receive microchips for your organization.


BPF provides vaccination funding opportunities in a variety of ways. By providing vaccines to shelters that cannot afford them and offering free and low-cost vaccine clinics to underserved communities, BPF is ensuring healthier shelter populations and healthier family pets.

Healing Heartworm

Healing Heartworm grant awards are awarded to organizations treating heartworm-positive dogs. These grants are typically awarded in conjunction with transport awards.

Grateful Pet

Veterinarian care funding is available to specific shelter pets in need. Grateful Pet awards are intended to assist an individual shelter pet that is experiencing a medical emergency. These awards are meant to assist organizations that would not otherwise have the means to fund the care for this specific pet.

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