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Two dogs in cage with empty bowl
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Feed The Shelters

Keeping Bellies Full

BISSELL Pet Foundation's Feed the Shelters

Why We Do This Work

All year long, BISSELL Pet Foundation receives requests to help hungry pets. Sometimes shelters struggle to feed their pets because they simply don’t have the funding, and much too frequently, community members who have fallen on hard times can’t afford to feed their own beloved pets.

How We Make a Difference

BPF keeps bellies full by providing Feed the Shelters program grants to animal welfare organizations across the country. Grant recipients can then offer meals to their pets and donate meals to the neediest pets in their communities through pet food pantries and other lifesaving pet food resources.

Tabby kittens sitting in a metal food dish.

Thanks to this load of food from Cathy Bissell and BISSELL Pet Foundation, we are able to help multiple rescues helping displaced dogs and puppies, AND the communities hardest hit by Hurricane Ida.”

Big Sky Ranch/CATNIP Foundation in St. Tammany Parish, LA

two border collie type dogs in front of a pallet of food

Without you, pets will go hungry.

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