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BPF’s Fix the Future™

Fix the Future™ was launched to address the lack of access to veterinary care for both shelters and pet owners. Through the deployment of our network of over 200 relief veterinarians, BPF is breaking the barriers to affordable and accessible spay/neuter. Each pet impacted also receives preventative vaccines and microchips. This program not only prepares shelter pets for adoption but also provides crucial services to community-owned pets through clinics for $25 or less. 

Fix the Future also includes a voucher program to offset the cost of spay/neuter in communities where BPF has partnerships with local veterinarians. BPF-funded vouchers help remove the financial burden for pet owners, allowing pets to stay in homes without unplanned litters. 


Fix the Future™ Impact

Data Since March 2022









Fix the Future FAQs

Why is Fix the Future needed? 

With the continued challenges and barriers for shelters and pet owners, too many pets are not receiving spay/neuter, resulting in unplanned litters filling animal shelters. We are reducing overpopulation and helping to encourage responsible pet ownership so pets will remain in their loving homes.  

How does BPF's deployment of veterinarians work? 

BPF has a network of veterinarians licensed in more than a dozen states that we deploy to areas of need where access is limited and shelters are overcrowded. The deployed veterinarians often split their time spaying and neutering the local shelter population to prepare pets for adoption and providing the procedure for pet owners at a low cost or no cost 

How does Fix the Future make such a big impact? 

BPF’s network is comprised of high-quality, high volume spay-neuter veterinarians trained in safe, humane, and efficient practices to maximize the number of surgeries performed in a day. 

Why is there a lack of access to veterinary care? 

A nationwide veterinary shortage is making it hard for both pet owners and shelters to access veterinary care. The emotional stress of shelter medicine is driving veterinarians into private practice or out of the industry completely.  

The shortage also has increased costs, making veterinary care too expensive for pet owners’ and shelters’ budgets. Sadly, many pet owners surrender their pets because they cannot afford care, and too often, pregnant mothers or mothers with litters are surrendered to shelters.  

Fix the Future In Action

FTF map

Blue Pins = Relief Veterinarian Locations
Yellow Pins = Voucher Program Locations


BISSELL Pet Foundation has made a significant impact on our operations and within the Hamilton County community. By funding a regional veterinary team to come on-site to provide spay/neuter services with the support of our medical staff, we’ve been able to essentially eliminate our backlog, releasing animals for adoption sooner and allowing us to reallocate our resources to other pressing medical needs.”

Amanda Gilbert, Medical Director at Cincinnati Animal CARE