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Why donate to BISSELL Pet Foundation?

Although my last name is Bissell, the need is greater than one person, one family or one company. BISSELL Pet Foundation’s programs are vital in the animal sheltering industry and the demand continues to increase every year and always outpaces our funding.

That’s why we need your support.

Unfortunately, there is a misconception about our small and mighty foundation because it has the name “Bissell” in it. While many people may think that having a company like BISSELL Inc. behind us diminishes our need for donations, that could not be further from the truth. BISSELL Inc. absorbs BISSELL Pet Foundation’s administration fees enabling 100% of every donation to be fully utilized to save pets in need.

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Please support BISSELL Pet Foundation.

BPF is doing an immense amount of work, in an industry that is desperate for support. While our national peers are scaling back, we are doing our best to respond to every situation. We are called upon by shelters, public and private, for support with access to spay and neuter and veterinary care, crisis management, disaster response, and safe transport of homeless pets. BPF’s largest program, Empty the Shelters, is also the nation’s largest funded adoption event, enabling thousands of pets to move from kennels into loving homes.

Unlike other national animal welfare organizations, every dollar you donate impacts pets through our lifesaving programs. Your gift saves the lives of shelter pets who are just as deserving as the pets who are lucky enough to already be in loving homes.

Please consider making a meaningful gift to support our lifesaving work. Together, we can give shelter pets their best chance to be safe, healthy and loved.

Until every pet has a home,

Cathy Bissell