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Animal Incident Management

Prepared to address crises, both human-made and natural, Animal Incident Management (AIM) is able to respond when other organizations cannot.

AIM responds to crises ranging from natural disasters to disease outbreaks and puppy mill cases, even in the most difficult situations. Working in collaboration with BISSELL Pet Foundation’s National Shelter Alliance experts and partner shelters throughout the country, we assist with large-scale incidents where pets desperately need lifesaving care; secure resources such as temporary housing and treatment in cases of disease outbreak; and provide transport for pets to safety before and after natural disasters strike.

AIM takes action through partnerships with professional animal welfare organizations nationwide. Support is available to emergency management and communities in the form of resources such as pre-event planning to post-event recovery, animal search and rescue, shelter support, transport and mass care/humanitarian efforts where people and animals are assisted together.

AIM is funded through grants and corporate sponsorships. 100% of every donation directly impacts pets before, during and after a crisis or disaster strikes.

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AIM also works with animal shelters in crisis through mentorship and training. Subject matter experts from across the nation stand ready for deployment and boots-on-the-ground support. Our focus is on rural animal shelters that lack resources to achieve positive outcomes for adoptable pets. This lifesaving program empowers shelters, providing them with sustainable programs and practices.


Eric with Blue Pittie

Eric Thompson

Eric is the Executive Director of Disaster & Field Response at BISSELL Pet Foundation. He serves as the Senior Director for the ASAR (Animal Search & Rescue) Training and Response, as well as President of the National Alliance for Animal and Agriculture Emergency Programs (NASAAEP).

Eric has 25 years of experience in animal welfare. Prior to joining BISSELL Pet Foundation, Eric served as the Director of Disaster Response for Code 3 Associates, an organization dedicated to providing professional animal disaster response and resources to communities, as well as providing professional training to individuals and agencies involved in animal related law enforcement and emergency response.