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Cool Communications

Discover proven communication tips from industry experts to boost your visibility and achieve greater impact.

Fundraising Quick Tips

Engaging Donors as Fundraisers

  • Put together a list of 3-5 of the top or most loyal donors and ask them to send letters or emails on your organization’s behalf.
  • If your organization has a database, pull a list for them to review, ask for an electronic signature and send solicitation letters/emails out on their behalf.

Donor Match Campaign

  • Match campaigns are a great way for donors to feel like they are making a bigger impact by doubling or even tripling their donation. Be sure to set a specific time range when the match is active to create urgency.

Whenever you ask a current donor for a gift, make sure to always ask for a gift that is larger than their most recent gift to your organization!

Virginia Beach SPCA shares helpful tips for attracting media coverage.