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5 Tips to Make Halloween All Treats and No Tricks for Your Pet

Most pets love the security of a routine and Halloween is anything but routine! Keep the scary factor down with these tips to help your pet stay safe on Halloween. 

1. Keep the Halloween Candy Out of Reach

Chocolate in all forms and sugar-free candy containing xylitol can cause serious problems in pets. Have pet appropriate treats on hand and keep the human treats out of your pet’s reach.

2.  Costume Care

While it might be fun for you to dress up your pet, it might not be so fun for Fido! If a costume restricts your pet’s movements or makes him stressed out, take the obligatory Instagram shot and let him be himself. 

3.  Keep Calm and Trick or Treat On

With a flurry of visitors coming to the door, your dog or cat might get overwhelmed—especially if they are wary of strangers. Consider keeping your pet in a separate room during peak hours to help her feel safe and secure. 

4.  ID Is a Must

Even the most vigilant pet owner can have their pet escape through the open door when trick or treaters arrive. Make sure your pet is wearing proper identification, just in case. (a microchip is even better!)

5.  Watch the Spooky Decorations

Pets are curious. Candles in pumpkins can be a fire hazard for pets who get too close and decorations are tempting for pets to investigate. Nibbling on glow sticks, pumpkins and decorative corn can cause an upset tummy for your pet.