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5 Ways to Prepare your Dog for the Best Take Your Dog to Work Day Ever!

Tomorrow is one of our favorite work days of the year-National Take Your Dog to Work Day! While it is very exciting to meet new, furry coworkers, it’s important to consider your pet’s needs first. Here are 5 simple tips to help you and your pet prepare for a day at the office

  1. Start slowly– If your pet has never been to your work environment, don’t overexpose them on their first visit. Introduce your pet to your work area little by little. Consider starting with the first or second half of the day! Your pet will appreciate having a few hours to decompress after meeting new friends!
  2. Bring treats or rewards-Dogs love routine and TYDTWD might be out of the daily norm for some pets. Having a special treat or reward on hand will show your pet that going to work can be just as fun as their normal day. They will have a tail waggin’ time and want to come back!
  3. You know your pet best-As a pet parent, you know your pet’s personality better than anyone. If exposure to new people or environments is stressful, your dog might have a more enjoyable day staying home. If they adjust easily and like to meet new people and dogs, then a few hours at work during TYDTWD could be a perfect way to start bringing your furry friend on the job.
  4. Bathroom breaks-Just like you would show a guest in your home where the restroom is, it is important to show your pet where the designated bathroom areas are. Check with your workplace on where pets are allowed to roam on TYDTWD and bring bags and cleaning product with you-Just in case!
  5. Leashes-It’s important to always have a leash on your dog, especially in a new environment. Even if your workplace allows dogs off leash, you can keep the leash on in case you need to quickly correct any wandering or inappropriate office behavior. Leashes allow you to control meet and greets with new people and other dogs. If you pass another dog in the hall, have your pet on the far side from the other to respect the other dogs’ space.

At the end of the day when your dog goes back home to be the Boss, remember to give lots of treats and snuggles for a job well done!