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5 Ways to Show a Pet LOVE on Valentine’s Day

Here at BISSELL Pet Foundation, Valentine’s Day is not just for humans! We show all pets love 365 days a year, but there are plenty of pet-centric ways for you and a furry friend to celebrate this special day together.

1. Date Night with Your Pet

Snuggle up on the couch and watch your favorite movie about cats and dogs. You can enjoy some air-popped popcorn, which is safe for dogs in moderation. Make your furry friend extra cozy and treat them to some BPF PJs (Bonus: they help reduce anxiety!)


2. A Sweet Surprise.

Who doesn’t love being surprised with a batch of homemade sweets? It’s a great way to show someone your care about them, even your pets! There are so many delicious recipes for homemade baked goods for pets—here are a few DIY treats that call for simple ingredients that your pet will eat right up! To find the perfect recipe for your pet, check out this Good Housekeeping article for dogs or Care.com for cats.


3. Visit your Local Animal Shelter

No Significant Other? No Pet? No problem. We encourage you to visit your local animal shelter and visit with the pets. Shelters have plenty of volunteer opportunities. Romantic walks on the beach? Volunteer to exercise/walk the adoptable dogs. Looking to cuddle up? Volunteer to socialize and play with the adoptable cats. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up taking one home with you. #AdoptDontShop


4. Have a Pet Playdate

Similar to people, certain pets want to socialize with their friends from time to time , especially if they are in a single pet household. Engaging your pet with others is a rewarding experience for both you and your furry friend. Not only is this exercise healthy, but it also trains your pet to be more comfortable in public settings where other pets are present.


5. Spoil Your Pet with A Diamond Necklace (or a new collar)

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s the perfect time to show your pet a little extra love. Spoil your pets with something special; whether it’s a new litter box, a colorful collar, fancy new food bowls, or even a heart-shaped toy! Pets are grateful no matter what, but they will surely appreciate the extra love!


Share the love of you and your pet with us on February 14th for a chance to be featured on our page! Post a pic and tag @bissellpets on Instagram or BISSELL Pet Foundation on Facebook. Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends at BPF!