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BISSELL Pet Foundation Coordinates Transport for Nearly 300 Homeless Pets in Helena, Arkansas

Responding to urgent conditions, the BISSELL Pet Foundation (BPF) team and 16 shelter partners traveled to Arkansas to make a difference for 240 dogs and 30 cats living at the Humane Society of the Delta.


BPF exists to assist animal welfare organizations in its partner network of 5,194 shelters and rescues. These organizations work tirelessly every day to address the pet overpopulation problem, and sometimes they need a little extra help.


Support the Shelters Rescue Road is an initiative created to alleviate overcrowded shelters.


Last October, BPF Founder, Cathy Bissell, visited the Humane Society of the Delta’s campus in Helena, Arkansas, and has been compelled to make a big difference ever since. After being alerted to the harsh winter weather and knowing more than 100 dogs lived in outdoor kennels, Bissell started the detailed planning for this rescue mission immediately.


Conditions were heartbreaking – an overcrowded shelter with few staff members and nobody coming to this rural area to adopt. Unfortunately, it’s a common issue for southern animal shelters.


The pets needed a second chance, and BPF knew it could help bridge the gap by coordinating transport efforts to move animals into alternate shelters with higher adoption exposure and access to programs and supplies that will ultimately find homes for these cats and dogs.


BPF arrived a week before the rescue mission commenced. The team began taking photos and tagging dogs according to sex, breed, age and behavioral traits. Using this information, the 16 partner shelters and rescues virtually selected 10 or more pets to take back to their facility.


Not only did these dedicated partners step up to take deserving pets back to their shelters, but they also brought much-needed supplies to the Humane Society of the Delta. Supplies included: dog beds, blankets, puppy pads, laundry soap, towels, paper towels, and other cleaning supplies.


This lifesaving operation would not be possible without the following shelter and rescue partners involved from Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Kentucky: Animal Rescue Corps, Belleville Area Humane Society, Cascades Humane Society, Detroit Dog Rescue, Forever Tails Animal Rescue, Greater Hillsdale Humane Society, Harbor Humane Society, Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue, Humane Society of Tulsa, Humane Society of West Michigan, Kentucky Humane Society, Lexington Humane Society, Little Traverse Bay Humane Society, Muskegon County Humane Society, Nashville Humane Association, and SPCA of Southwest Michigan.


BPF also worked closely with the Humane Society of the Delta to determine which pets were up-to-date on vaccinations and which ones needed treatment before transport. Dogs were tested for heartworm and parvovirus tests were given to puppies under 6 months old. Additionally, dogs were given Advantage Multi for flea and heartworm prevention. Cats were all FIV/FELV tested to stop the spread of disease. The teamwork between both BPF and the HS of the Delta allowed health certifications to be completed before transport vans pulled away.


BPF wants to remind people when choosing to bring a pet into your home, consider adoption first. Please spay/neuter your pets and refrain from breeding your own pets, as there are thousands of homeless pets waiting for your love. Owning a pet is a lifelong commitment and animals, like those at the Humane Society of the Delta, do not deserve a lifelong sentence behind a cage because of owner irresponsibility.


To help make a difference for voiceless animals, please donate today.