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BPF Provides 175 Microchips to Hound Dogs!


Coonhounds are devoted, loving and entertaining dogs, but they can be quite the handful. They are often used as hunting companions, but because of their need to constantly work and exercise, they can be very difficult for some owners to keep up with. Not only are they energetic, but they are very smart and extremely stubborn often making training quite hard. Did you know that hounds typically also have quite large litters anywhere from ten to fifteen puppies? Making sure that they are spayed/neutered is essential to help stop the spread of unwanted litters. American Black & Tan Coonhound Rescue in Canton, OH works to rehabilitate and rehome hounds that are left neglected often by irresponsible breeders. Because of the high volume litters, the rescue is a huge advocate for spay/neuter programs. With the help of a grant from the BISSELL Pet Foundation, they were able to spay/neuter and rehome 19 hound dogs and provided microchips to 175 dogs within the community.

The BISSELL Pet Foundation also helped to save several hounds in California. A hunting club closed its doors and took all of its dogs to a high kill shelter in the area. The dogs were older, and had never received appropriate care, and the females had been bred repeatedly. All of the females had large mammary tumors. The BISSELL Pet Foundation grant allowed them to spay/neuter all of the hounds saved, remove the tumors from the overbred females, provide dental care and all other necessary procedures for these neglected hound dogs. Dolce Vita and Jill were helped with these funds and are now up for adoption with the American Black & Tan Coonhound Rescue.