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BPF Supports 200 Homeless Furry Felines

White River Humane Society’s mission is to care for the lost and homeless animals of Lawrence County, Indiana. They provide education and services to the public that have helped reduce the number of unwanted animals born within their community. BISSELL Pet Foundation awarded them a grant to help provide spay/neuter surgeries within the community to pet owners who might not have been able to afford this extra cost. The grant provided surgeries to 200 cats and kittens. In the future, White River Humane Society thinks that they will see a positive change in homeless cats in the county thanks to the help of BISSELL Pet Foundation’s generous grant.


Pumpkin and Pickles were two very special cats whose lives were improved by way of the grant from BISSELL Pet Foundation.  A woman found these two kittens when they were four days old and she could not stand to leave them alone. She brought them into her home and bottle fed them. She planned to nurse them into strong healthy cats ready for adoption, but as she continued to watch them grow, she could not help but become attached to the adorable kittens. She was worried that the cost of getting them spayed/neutered would be more than she could afford and she knew that if she did not get them fixed she would end up with more kittens on her hands. With the help of White River Humane Society and the grant funding, she was able to have them spayed and keep them both. She could not be happier to have them as  permanent members of her family and is very thankful for the help of the BISSELL Pet Foundation.