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BPF Supports Nearly 80 Critical Pets in Mississippi Through Emergency Grant

In the first days of the new year, Hub City Humane Society in Hattiesburg, Mississippi was already working tirelessly after receiving reports of animal neglect. Even with a full shelter, HCHS didn’t think twice about jumping right in and responding to a crisis in the community. HCHS couldn’t predict the financial burden that would fall on them after getting involved, but housing and providing veterinary care for the animals in need ended up becoming a significant threat to the shelter’s yearly budget. They needed help. 

 BPF quickly responded with grant funding to help HCHS save as many lives as possible. The operation began by pulling 22 dogs from deplorable conditions; all the animals were considered either critical, needing immediate vet care, or malnourished. After those pets were successfully triaged, they took 18 more dogs and 39 critical cats, totaling 79 pets. Sadly, two lives were lost. 

 A Hub City volunteer, Megan Marlowe, commented, “I am one of those logical people, not very emotional, but I have to say this week has drained me emotionally! The only light that I have seen is the videos of the dogs and cats in foster homes!” 

A picture is worth a thousand words, so seeing multiple photos of pets in need made a huge impact in the surrounding community. Luckily, several fosters stepped forward during this extremely overcrowded time, while additional community members gave financial donations and dog crates to help with temporary housing. Saving lives requires a lot of teamwork!  

Currently, there are 19 dogs and 29 cats from this neglect case who received a second chance but have yet to find a forever home. If you or someone you know lives near Hattiesburg, Mississippi, please consider adopting. 

BPF is proud to support hardworking partners like Hub City Humane Society who go above and beyond to help any displaced animal in their area. To help us continue to support our growing network of 5,000+ partners, please consider making a gift to BPF. 

“Thank you again to BISSELL Pet Foundation for awarding us a $3500 Emergency Relief Grant! We have so many animals that need medical help from our recent neglect case and this grant will help us focus on the healing of these animals! We appreciate BISSELL Pet Foundation so much and all the work they do to help the hurting animals of this world!” -Hub City Humane Society