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BPF's First-ever National Walktail Walkathon was a Success!

On May 1-3, BISSELL Pet Foundation asked animal lovers to walk their tails off to support shelters, and the pets they care for. The first-ever, national Walktail Walkathon took place foot at a six-foot distance as over 450 walkers from coast-to-coast counted their steps for homeless pets. The “Best DOG-GONE Walk” in the country was a great success!

Walktail participants were able to signup as an individual to raise funds, or form a team with friends, family, colleagues, businesses, clubs…the pawsibilities were endless! BPF suggested a 10-mile distance goal over the course of the three days. The fundraising process was fun and easy, plus, you could pick where and when you wanted to walk…at a safe distance, of course.

Walkers shared photos and videos on social media to raise awareness and create buzz – check out some of the snapshots we collected:

Social distancing and stay at home orders forced the foundation to cancel BISSELL Blocktail Party slated for June. Blocktail is BPF’s largest annual fundraiser that provides critical financial support for shelters across the country, so it was important to find an alternative solution to ensure our lifesaving work continued in 2020!

The silver lining to COVID-19, is the thousands of families choosing to adopt and foster pets right now more than ever. However, shelters are struggling with budget setbacks and fewer available staff and volunteers to care for their animals. As vulnerable populations become ill, pets inevitably will be surrendered by owners who can no longer care for them. The combined impact is devastating for those trying to keep pets alive. BPF’s 5,000 shelter partners will need help more than ever in 2020.

Thank you to everyone who created a Walktail profile, promoted on social media, gathered supporters and walked their tails off for a good cause. 100% of proceeds will directly fund pets in shelters and rescues across the county!