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BPF’s Reach Hits Alaska

BISSELL Pet Foundation is proud to have partners in all 50 states with our impact reaching pets in every part of the country. In 2018, BPF awarded our first grant in Alaska, with $3,800 to Clear Creek Cat Rescue (CCCR) in Wasilla which helped to save feral cats from dangerous conditions.

Clear Creek Cat Rescue was contacted about a population of cats residing at a home which was in disrepair with holes in the roof and floor where cats entered and exited. While there had previously been a caretaker for the cats there, no one was feeding or caring for the cats any longer. When CCCR visited the site, they knew the situation was desperate with no heat and no food, and immediate help was needed. They were met with a frightened colony of cats who fled as they approached, and sadly, bodies were found in snow and ice around the house. Many of the cats were in a desperate condition from starvation. It was one of the most difficult rescues CCCR had undertaken but action needed to be taken to prevent further loss of life.

Traps were set around the house, and bags of cat food poured out for feeding. Over the course of a month, 39 cats were trapped and transferred to a nearby shelter where volunteers with CCCR provided the care and supplies. And with the help of funds from BPF, all the cats were spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. From the shelter, the cats were moved to foster homes to socialize them for their future lives. A few were rehomed as barn cats, however, most have been adopted to families who will love them forever.

Clear Creek Cat Rescue faced many hurdles over months of caring for the 39 cats and did everything needed to save their lives. We are grateful for our dedicated partners who work tirelessly to solve difficult problems to end pet homelessness.