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A Cinderella Story for a Senior Cat

Mitts had led a tough life when he arrived at Lake Haven Rescue.  He had been surrendered by a farmer who reported that Mitts was constantly picked on by the other farm cats and appeared unable to defend himself.  The 6-year-old cat was in bad shape.  His medical problems included tapeworms, extensive wounds, broken teeth and a bleeding cyst in his mouth.  Further evaluation revealed his forepaws had been declawed, leaving him at a great disadvantage against the other farm cats.  His broken teeth reflected his desperate attempts at self-defense.  Mitts battled tough odds for too long and Lake Haven Rescue committed to turning the battered and beaten cat’s life around.

Thanks to a recent BISSELL Pet Foundation grant, Lake Haven had funding for senior pets with special needs, like Mitts, and they began the long process of putting him back together.  Fortunately, a biopsy revealed his cyst was not oral cancer.  With this good news, he received dental and veterinary treatment to address his many other health issues.  Mitts recovered for five months in a foster home where he finally was safe and loved.

Once Mitts was physically ready for adoption, Lake Haven Rescue and his foster mom knew they needed to help him find a special home.  Due to his declawed forepaws, he required an environment where he wouldn’t face any physical threats.  Mitts’ foster mom knew just the right place.  She contacted a previous adopter, the director of nearby Rehoboth Oaks Assisted Living, to see if that facility might be interested in a resident companion animal.  Coincidentally, the director had just been considering this idea and gladly welcomed Mitts as a resident of Rehoboth Oaks.  Mitts has a primary caregiver, Sharlene, but enjoys visiting with all the residents and their many guests.  Mitts went from down on his luck to the top of the world!

Mitts is just one example of 279 pets helped by the BISSELL Pet Foundation grant to Lake Haven Rescue.  Funds provided spay/neuter surgeries for 76 dogs and 176 cats from low-income families and assisted 27 senior pets under their Senior Cat/Dog Program.

Every pet matters.  Our partners are dedicated to saving lives and we are proud to support their efforts.  Thank you, Lake Haven Rescue for your commitment to healing Mitts and finding him the perfect home!