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Empty the Shelters Holiday Hope was a Success!

This year’s Empty the Shelters – Holiday Hope event brought so many wonderful adopters to the 169 participating animal shelters and because of those who chose to adopt, thousands of pets are sleeping in the comfort of a warm bed and not alone in a kennel. Just in time for the holidays!

This was a 5-day-adoption-event that took place from December 9-13 and resulted in 4,457 pets finding forever homes – 2,568 cats and 1889 dogs! BPF continued offering a foster-to-adopt special, so families who fostered a pet and decided to officially adopt within a week could still be eligible for a sponsored adoption fee. This gives adopters the chance to make sure they’re ready for a lifelong decision!
Out of the 169 participating locations, there was Empty the Shelters representation in 34 states across the country. This was BISSELL Pet Foundation’s largest event to date! Way to end 2020 on a high note!
This year alone, Empty the Shelters has found homes for 18,445 pets and 49,446 since the program began in 2016. Adoption saves lives!