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How to Impact Homeless Pets this Giving Tuesday and Beyond

Giving Tuesday is one of the most important days for nonprofits, and it is just around the corner. I am sure you are already getting emails, phone calls, and letters asking you to make a gift. There are so many animal welfare groups, local and national, that are doing lifesaving work. How do you choose? Where will your dollars have the most impact for pets?

First and most importantly, support your local animal shelter. Whether your local shelter is a private nonprofit or a municipal agency, they need your help. You can provide items from the shelter’s wish list, foster a pet for the holiday, refer friends and family looking to adopt, and/or provide a monetary donation to make an impact. Your shelter, big or small, is the first line of rescue for animals in your community—the cornerstone of animal welfare. If you cannot make a financial contribution, donate your time and effort as a volunteer. Get to know the staff and find out where you can be of assistance.

This has been a tough year for animal shelters all over the country. They are full, and the length of stay is increasing for dogs. Because shelters are a barometer for communities, the increase in surrenders tells us that communities across the nation are struggling. Your local animal shelter is likely working hard to implement new programs to help alleviate the burden and save lives. Many of these programs have a price tag and require additional resources. They need your support.

Secondly, give to an organization that can help fill the gaps where your local shelter cannot. BISSELL Pet Foundation’s mission is to help homeless pets and shelters in need. Our support spans from adoption funding to disaster and crisis response. By hosting Empty the Shelters, the nation’s largest funded adoption event, we provide shelters with grants for each pet adopted to create lifesaving space in shelters across the country. Our high-volume spay/neuter clinics focus on bringing free sterilization services to overwhelmed communities. BPF is meeting shelters where they are and providing support where they need us the most.

BPF created our Mentorship and Training program to reach rural shelters that cannot afford to send staff to conferences and training workshops, and developed the National Shelter Alliance to provide experts and resources for shelters in need. We partner with Code 3 Associates to ensure shelters and communities facing disaster get assistance immediately. We transport pets from overwhelmed shelters to our partners that stand ready to help, and work to develop local lifesaving solutions for pet overpopulation. Through our crisis management and stabilization programming, we support shelters facing hurdles like disease outbreak and large volume emergency intake. In 2022, our programs have impacted more than 141,000 pets.

I’m excited to share that thanks to BISSELL Inc. and generous donors, gifts up to $100,000 will be matched through the end of the year, so your donation will make twice the impact! And, because BISSELL Inc. is dedicated to helping pets, the company absorbs administrative costs for BPF, enabling 100% of your contribution to support our mission to find every pet a home.

Donations to charitable organizations representing animals and the environment make up just 3% of all giving. This year on Giving Tuesday, please help address the animal sheltering crisis that our nation is facing. Homeless pets need you more than ever. Please open your heart to give them a second chance.