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Independent Cat Society: A Saving Grace for Cats and Owners Alike

The Independent Cat Society is a non-profit, no-kill, feline shelter serving Northwest Indiana since 1977.  Their mission is to rescue, shelter, adopt, and promote spaying and neutering of cats. The Society helps to reduce pet overpopulation and educate the public while preventing animal cruelty and promoting responsible pet ownership and legislation.  The BISSELL Pet Foundation was happy to grant the Independent Cat Society $4,000 to fund spay/neuter initiatives and the Pets and their People Program, which helps owners keep their pets in their homes through many difficult circumstances.

In May 2014, a stray cat ICS named Emery Beignet, showed up in a wooded area with his eye severely injured, crying in pain. He was trapped and transported immediately to a veterinarian. He was examined and neutered in preparation for adoption; unfortunately, the veterinarian decided his eye had to be removed. Through all of this, he never once struck out at anyone, and his optimism and loving nature shone right through.  Emery was adopted and is living large in his new home where he is happy and loved.

Emery Beignet ICS

Emery before







Olivia was a tiny, starving kitten with an eye injury that happened to find her way to Kristi’s door. Kristi reached out to the Independent Cat Society because, despite her job, supporting her mom and son meant there was little left to take care of a seriously injured stray.

Olivia ICS BISSELL PET foundatin

Olivia and family

Thanks to the BISSELL Pet Foundation; the Independent Cat Society was able to get this kitten to a partner veterinarian for care. Kristi wrote an email in appreciation stating:

“I can’t thank you enough for the help to save Olivia…you are truly angels for (all) you do. I can’t wait to bring her home so she will be a permanent part of our family and will never be without love or a home again. Can’t wait to be able to give back…”

“Can’t wait to give back…” That was the Independent Cat Society’s favorite part of her message; the promise of paying good things forward. The Society feels strongly this is what the BISSELL Pet Foundation does—keeps the promise of paying it forward.

Through the $4,000 grant, the Independent Cat Society was able to spay/neuter 100 more cats than the previous year (totaling 662 animals) and help seven other animals through the Pets and their People program, which included some major, lifesaving emergency surgeries.

About the BISSELL Pet Foundation

Donate Now Join UsThe BISSELL Pet Foundation is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to help reduce the number of animals in shelters and to support organizations dedicated to the humane care and treated of animals through pet adoption, spay/neuter programs, microchipping and foster care. Founded in 2011 by Cathy Bissell, the BISSELL Pet Foundation is an extension of her long-standing love for animals and commitment to their welfare. The foundation is supported to BISSELL Homecare, Inc., a 137-year-old Grand Rapids-based floor care appliance brand in its fourth generation of family leadership.