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It’s the night before EMPTY THE SHELTERS….

It’s the night before EMPTY THE SHELTERS….and we’re so excited, we can’t sleep!!

We can’t wait to see 1,200 pets find loving, forever homes tomorrow and to have equally as many families experience the joy of pet adoption. Tomorrow is the start of 1200 happily ever afters!

We are overjoyed for the animal welfare workers in Michigan who work tirelessly to get pets out of shelters and into homes. Tomorrow will be such a rewarding day for them!

We are beyond thrilled to have support from PetSmart Charities which allowed us to include more rescues and shelters in EMPTY THE SHELTERS than previously planned. Now we can save more lives tomorrow and at future events!

Visions of happily adopted dogs and cats are dancing in our heads!
Now, back to bed…..