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Urgent Update From Maui


BISSELL Pet Foundation’s Animal Incident Management (AIM) team received an urgent call pleading for help – this time from the Island of Maui.    

As the search and recovery efforts continue after the devastating Hawaiian wildfires, the deadliest U.S. wildfire event in a century, BISSELL Pet Foundation’s Executive Director of Disaster & Field Response, Eric Thompson, is on the ground serving as the Liaison Officer to governmental and non-governmental partners for Maui Humane Society’s emergency management efforts. In his role, Eric is leading the coordination of resources and operations. BPF’s Animal Incident Management arm has deployed teams from San Diego Humane Society and Arizona Humane Society to join Eric on the ground in the impacted Lahaina area. Oregon Humane Society will be joining the effort shortly. Our partners are sending their best teams that are trained in this devastating work…

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