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Partners for Pets – Helping Members Create Second Chances

In partnership with Lost Pet USA, BISSELL offers shelters and rescues across the United States a way to earn money for their programs through the Partners for Pets program. This program is designed to assist organizations that support and promote animal rescue and pet adoption efforts in their communities. BISSELL Homecare, Inc. designates a portion of all pet product purchases on bissell.com to the BISSELL Pet Foundation (BPF), and Partners for Pets allows its members’ supporters to designate this gift to any member of their choosing. To date, the program has more than 340 member organizations nationwide.

This program has three great incentives for those involved: In addition to earning proceeds from their supporters’ purchases on bissell.com, they are eligible to receive one free BISSELL pet product (annually) to raffle or auction and have a chance to win a $5,000 giveaway four times a year! The more these organizations get the word out, the more money goes to their cause.

One organization in particular is very happy to be involved in the program. Through the network of organizations involved in Partners for Pets, the BISSELL Pet Foundation saw Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio’s efforts to make the Partners for Pets program work for them. BPF recognized their efforts by awarding them a contribution of $1,000 to support their mission. Although they were not chosen as a quarterly recipient of a $5,000 gift, a homeless dog named Tanner still thinks they are big winners.

“Almost Home decided to put the $1000 towards Tanner’s recovery, as he is well deserving of a better life. Tanner wants to say ‘thank you’ for your donation…” Janice Smith, Director of Fundraising – Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio

Tanner was found as a stray and unfortunately had needs that exceeded the resources the local shelter had available, so they reached out to Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio for help. They think as a puppy he was hit by a car and both front legs were broken. Without proper care and treatment, his injuries did not heal correctly making it very difficult and painful for Tanner to get around. Everyone was amazed by his congenial personality. Given the circumstances, they couldn’t even tell he was most likely suffering from severe pain with each step he took. Tanner needed major orthopedic surgery to fix both his legs, but the procedure would be very costly. Enter in the BPF’s contribution of $1,000, which provided Tanner with the much needed surgery and a second chance at life.

Tanner is currently on the mend and reports indicate he is healing well. He still has a long road of recovery ahead of him before he is able to be adopted into his forever home, but his quality of life is already greatly improved. The Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio is grateful for the help from the BPF, but by putting the Partners for Pets program to work for their organization, they are also raising funds for themselves!