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Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

Whether you are a long-time pet owner, or If you’ve never owned a pet before, adopting a senior pet is an incredibly rewarding experience. Often, seniors are overlooked in the shelters, but they have so much love to give. Seniors deserve to spend their golden years in a forever home and you’ll never regret adopting a senior!

Here are a few reasons to adopt a senior pet:

What you see you is what you get

Senior pets are mature and after the age of 6 or 7 you can understand their temperament, their level of training, overall health, and if they have a good disposition. Most often they have spent a few years of their life in a home and they know how to behave in that environment making the transition into a new home a little easier for everyone.

Exercise isn’t as critical

It’s important to exercise at any age to stay healthy, but senior pets don’t require as much activity to keep them satisfied. If you want a well-behaved pet, keep them active, but seniors don’t demand as much.  If you want a pet that enjoys frequent naps, cuddling and being by your side, a senior pet might be the perfect choice for you.

Size isn’t a mystery

A pet is definitely full size by the age of 6. Again, what you see is what you get, there is no question as to whether or not your pet will grow because they are an adult. You know the size and stature, so there are no surprises.

Puppy phase is over (Phew!)

Since senior dogs have already been through the puppy stage of their life, you don’t have to worry about your house becoming a mess. Chair legs won’t be chewed, shoes won’t be missing, and you’ll feel comfortable leaving your pet home alone without coming home to a surprise.

They are grateful

Senior pets are frequently overlooked at shelters because people are drawn to puppies. While we love puppies, senior dogs are so grateful. When they get adopted, they know they’ve found a home where they can spend the rest of their golden years and will reward you with their abundant love and loyalty.

One of Cathy Bissell’s senior dogs, Bo, was recently featured on Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family morning show to promote senior pet adoption. To view his television debut, click here. If you think Bo is cute, spend some time visiting the senior pets at your local shelter and you’re sure to fall in love. Don’t overlook the love of a senior pet!