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Community Outreach

BPF is committed to impacting the lives of homeless pets in shelters and owned pets by making spay/neuter possible for those who would not otherwise be able to access these preventative procedures. To further our lifesaving impact, BPF directs spay/neuter where it’s needed the most. BISSELL Pet Foundation has reached thousands of pets across the country, preventing millions of unplanned kittens and puppies from ending up in shelters.

Here are a few of our more significant spay/neuter initiatives where the need is great and access to care is limited, hours away, or sometimes not available at all.

Hopi Clinic Puppies

Hopi Nation, Second Mesa, AZ:

The Hopi Nation Reservation in northeastern Arizona is an extremely rural location with no access to veterinary care and extreme need. In 2022, BPF helped make this mission possible by providing funding for three clinics coordinated by Charity HQ:

May, Sept. & Oct. 2022:
192 dogs + 83 cats spayed/neutered
Total spay/neuter impact = 275
296 dogs + 99 cats vaccinated
Total vaccine impact = 395 pets 

Alaska Snowmobile Clinic

Alaska Clinics:

Starting in late 2021 into 2022, BPF supported Alaska Native Rural Veterinary, Inc to make free spay/neuter available in the far reaches of the state. Many of the communities served were 200+ miles away from a major city, with no significant roadways connecting them and nearly impossible to access vet care.

Nov. 2021–May 2022:
Six clinics: Kaltag, Nulato, Akiachak, Kwethluk, Galena, Nicholai
151 dogs spayed/neutered and vaccinated
Additional 267 pets vaccinated
Total impact = 418 pets

Big Sky Ranch Puppy

Folsom, LA:

BPF provides ongoing grant funding to CATNIP Foundation at Big Sky Ranch to keep community pets healthy and prevent unwanted litters through monthly free spay/neuter clinics throughout 2022. Many of the pets of these parishes received access to medical care for the first time in their lives.

Monthly Clinics,
Dec. 2021–Oct. 2022
165 dogs + 808 cats spayed/neutered and vaccinated
Total impact = 973 pets


West Monroe, LA:

BPF is supporting this struggling rural community with ongoing free spay/neuter for owned pets at VetCare LLC with the help of Dr. Chrissy Davey, DVM. Without this assistance, family pets would multiply, overwhelming the already overcrowded area shelter and putting lives at risk.

Monthly Clinics, May–Oct. 2022
645 dogs + 219 cats spay/neutered and vaccinated
Total impact = 864 pets

Natalie holding yorkie

Helena-West Helena, AR:

Since May of 2021, BPF has funded and hosted three clinics for the community pets in Helena-West Helena. The most recent clinic was run solely by BPF as a Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital which can be replicated in other locations in the future.

Three Clinics: May 2021,
May 2022, July 2022
364 dogs + 162 cats spay/neutered
Total impact = 526 pets

German shep.

Wynne, AR:

Because the need in the Helena-West Helena community exceeds the ability of pets to be helped during clinics, BPF provides vouchers for free spay and neuter at the Wynne Animal Rescue Veterinary Clinic, about one hour away from Helena-West Helena.

Ongoing voucher program
May 2021–Oct. 2022
119 dogs + 147 cats spayed/neutered
Total impact = 266 pets

El Paso SN puppy

El Paso, TX:

El Paso Animal Services has hundreds of dogs in its care who need to be sterilized to become adoptable. BPF funded the procedures and deployed Dr. Cannup for three clinics to assist them in this challenging time.

Sept.–Oct. 2022
September: 141 dogs + 231 cats spayed/neutered
October #1: 100 dogs + 177 cats spayed/neutered
October #2: 30 dogs + 39 cats spayed/neutered
Total impact: 718 pets

operation whiskers cats

Operation Whiskers, LA:

In collaboration with Louisiana SPCA, BPF supported Trap-Neuter-Return and community access in five Louisiana parishes neglected since Hurricane Ida. BPF provided grant funding to support this much-needed ongoing program.

Mar.–Aug. 2022
Locations: Terrebonne Parish, Lafourche Parish, Jefferson Parish, Plaquemines Parish and Orleans Parish
Total impact = 2,269 cats spayed/neutered

Detroit Clinic dog and owner

Detroit, MI:

BISSELL Pet Foundation funded and hosted our first-ever spay/neuter event in Michigan’s largest city, in collaboration with the City of Detroit, to help curb the overpopulation crisis in the area.

June 2022
Total impact = 122 dogs spay/neutered

Additional Communities Impacted by BPF’s Spay/Neuter Outreach:

  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • Palm Valley, FL
  • West Olive, MI
  • Tulsa, OK
  • Collier County, FL

These clinics are only a sample of the impact BISSELL Pet Foundation is making. BPF’s veterinarian, Dr. Alana Canupp, is on the road in a new location every week, spaying and neutering shelter pets to help overwhelmed shelters prepare them for adoption, as well as leading community clinics to ensure owned pets are not reproducing.

Shelters and rescues across the country are at capacity, making the need for spay/neuter more critical than ever to control community pet populations. Spaying and neutering pets reduces strays, frees up shelter space, and saves unwanted pets from potential abandonment and euthanasia. Please donate today to help us reach more pets and more communities!