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Stepping Up to Break the Chain

If it weren’t for a Thanksgiving Day brush fire outside of Nashville, TN, no one would have known they were there; no one would have come in time to save them from starvation and exposure. Thankfully, local officials, including Cheatham County Animal Control (CCAC), arrived on the scene to find 65 dogs suffering from severe neglect and abuse in a suspected dog fighting operation. Ironically, the fire that threatened their lives turned out to be their saving grace. With no access to food or water, these dogs would have certainly faced death in these horrific conditions, as others had before them.

Each of the dogs required immediate medical attention, and CCAC contacted Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) for assistance after all of the animals were surrendered to them. Within 24 hours, ARC’s team was on the ground in Tennessee and thus began Operation Broken Chain. An emergency shelter was established, and ARC took responsibility for the daily care and medical needs of the rescued dogs.

“The conditions Animal Rescue Corps found on this property are the worst I have ever seen at a dog fighting operation in my 22-year career in animal protection.”
– Scotlund Haisley, ARC President

Because of the urgency to save these dogs’ lives, there was no time for ARC to raise funds in anticipation of the dire needs of these animals. BISSELL Pet Foundation (BPF) saw the story unfolding through social media and recognized the vital need for resources to support these animals’ continued care until they are able to find loving homes.

Although they have witnessed the worst of mankind, these dogs have shown great eagerness for affection. One of the females, whose teeth had all been removed (most likely to prevent her from biting during forced breeding), has been described as shy, sweet and gentle. Many of the dogs exuberantly greeted the rescue team with grateful kisses. BPF is proud to continue to assist ARC with their life-saving work, and knows they will do all they can to ensure these dogs will now understand what it means to be loved.

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