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The Golden Years

Within a lifetime, we all hope to retire, relax and enjoy the “Golden years” of our life. Unfortunately, this is not the case for thousands of pets. Each year, many owners surrender senior pets to shelters because their pet is no longer cute and cuddly, is too expensive, or is just too much work. Adopt a Golden Atlanta rescues senior dogs and helps foster them back to health so they can enjoy the “Golden years” of their life.

A volunteer, nonprofit organization, Adopt A Golden Atlanta, is dedicated to finding warm, loving, permanent homes for Golden Retrievers in order to prevent them from becoming strays or adding to the shelter overpopulation.  They rescue dogs from all across the United States, from Texas to New York City primarily focusing on rescuing Goldens from the Southern States including Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, North and South Carolina.  Often times it is difficult to finance the medical needs of these rescues, but with a grant from the BISSELL Pet Foundation, they have been able to nurse many back to health so they can find the perfect home.

chipChip is a ten year old Golden who was given up after his owner’s divorce.  After moving in with relatives who were unable to keep pets, his owner sadly decided to surrender him to Adopt A Golden Atlanta. Chip was in need of some serious medical attention including dental surgeries and treatment for a bacterial infection.   With support from the BISSELL Pet Foundation, Chip was able to receive all the medical attention he needed. Adopt a Golden Atlanta has provided a great place for him to recover.  He is now happy, healthy and ready to find the perfect home to retire in.

Four senior Golden Retrievers surrendered by their owners have received treatment through a $4,000 grant from the BISSELL Pet Foundation. Without the BISSELL Pet Foundation’s support and Adopt A Golden Atlanta’s efforts, these dogs likely would have been euthanized by local county shelters.  By working together, Chip and three other adorable senior Golden Retrievers’ lives were saved!

About the BISSELL Pet Foundation

Donate Now Join UsThe BISSELL Pet Foundation is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to help reduce the number of animals in shelters and to support organizations dedicated to the humane care and treated of animals through pet adoption, spay/neuter programs, microchipping and foster care. Founded in 2011 by Cathy Bissell, the BISSELL Pet Foundation is an extension of her long-standing love for animals and commitment to their welfare. The foundation is supported to BISSELL Homecare, Inc., a 137-year-old Grand Rapids-based floor care appliance brand in its fourth generation of family leadership