BISSELL Pet Foundation's National Shelter Alliance

BPF’s National Shelter Alliance program will support Code 3 Associates with placement of animals from cruelty and disaster situations; as well as work to prepare shelters for disaster planning and response. In addition, network shelter partners may provide transport referrals and opportunities for overwhelmed shelters, make training accessible for all shelters, and empower shelter staff by providing resources and referrals during crisis.

BISSELL Pet Foundation and Code 3 Associates will work with our national shelter partners to provide shelters in need with:

Crisis management and stabilization

  • Referrals to industry experts
  • Staff and consultants with expertise in:
    • Population management
    • Social media messaging
    • Resource referrals

Active solicitation of opportunities to benefit animal shelters

Fundraising opportunity referrals

  • Disaster/cruelty field response
  • Transport of animals including support in navigating USDA and state level guidelines
  • Intrastate and regional support for shelters in need
  • High profile adoptions
  • National promotion of services

Disaster preparedness and training

  • Free assessment of disaster plan
  • Customized disaster planning and training to meet agency needs
  • Intrastate and regional networking coalition building to address cruelty and disaster situations


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BPF’s National Shelter Alliance members are working together to support shelters in need, provide expertise during crisis and respond to disaster and cruelty. This incredible group of leaders in animal welfare will collaborate on a state and regional level to save lives. They have been invited to the program by Code 3 and BPF to share their knowledge and experience as well as provide a powerful foundation of the crisis management and stabilization component of the program. Our Alliance membership is growing quickly with a goal of reaching every state.

For questions or more information, contact:

Kim Alboum, BISSELL Pet Foundation’s Director of Shelter Outreach and Policy Development: | 919.930.2878