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Walk Your Tail Off For Homeless Pets

BISSELL Pet Foundation’s Walktail Challenge is back for the third year! Lace-up your shoes and leash up your pet to walk 31 miles in 31 days this October. The virtual Walktail 31-Mile Challenge allows participants from coast-to-coast to fundraise to support BPF’s lifesaving programs, track miles, start a team and build support for helping pets!

Walktail is a fun, easy way to exercise your support for homeless pets. Funds raised will support adoption, spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping, transport, and emergency response with our growing network of 5,600+ shelter and rescue partners in all 50 states and international locations.

This year, we’ve made it even easier to make a difference for deserving pets by getting moving. Participants can walk individually or create teams to raise awareness and hit fundraising goals. Those joining in on the fun can walk wherever and whenever they’d like all month long to hit 31 miles. In addition, walkers share their walking journey on social media to promote within their own network.

Want to join in and walk the walk for homeless pets? Join the Facebook group and activate your fundraiser today!

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Walktail 31-Day Challenge FAQs

Where does my donation go?

100% of all proceeds raised during the challenge directly benefit pets in need through BISSELL Pet Foundation programs.

Can people donate to my Challenge fundraiser if they are not on Facebook? 

Unfortunately, donations need to be made through Facebook in order to record properly for your challenge fundraiser. Facebook does not receive any portion of the funds raised through this challenge.

Can people who are not friends on Facebook donate to my fundraiser?

Yes! Anyone with a Facebook account who has your fundraiser link should be able to donate.

I made a mistake while donating. Who should I contact?

Unfortunately, BISSELL Pet Foundation cannot assist with any Facebook donation errors. As an organization, for data security purposes, we do not have access to anyone’s individual fundraiser or payments that are made on Facebook. We advise you to visit the links below for assistance with any donation issues. Users and/or donors will need to report the issue to Facebook directly using this form:    https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/162031714239823

I made a donation on Facebook but it says “recurring payment” on my banking statement, how do I fix this?

According to Facebook, “One-time donations made on Facebook may appear as ‘Recurring’ on your bank statement but will only be charged one time. Check that your donation is not set to recurring in your Facebook Payment Settings.”

Why is BISSELL Pet Foundation using Facebook for this virtual challenge?  

We are using Facebook for this virtual challenge to create a digital community for animal lovers to come together to fight pet homelessness. Facebook Challenges also help us increase user engagement and create an easy environment for people to fundraise.

I don’t want to donate through Facebook, what are my other options?

We understand that not everyone wants to donate through the Facebook platform. BISSELL Pet Foundation virtual challenges are strictly Facebook activations. You can make a donation directly to BISSELL Pet Foundation by visiting our Ways to Give page at https://www.bissellpetfoundation.org/ways-to-give/ or calling 616-735-6666.

Why do I keep getting automated messages from Facebook Messenger when I need assistance?  

We have automated messaging to help create a seamless activation for this challenge. We have a team that is dedicated to checking your messages, and it may take some time to receive/respond to your questions. We try to assist everyone in a timely manner and appreciate your patience.

How is walking fighting pet homelessness? 

Virtual challenges allow people to build a community of like-minded individuals with a common goal. By encouraging donations on Facebook and completing the activity, we are collectively raising money and awareness to fight pet homelessness through BISSELL Pet Foundation program. You can learn more about everything we do here: https://www.bissellpetfoundation.org/programs/