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Dig In: BPF Launches New ‘Feed the Shelters’ Fundraiser

BISSELL Pet Foundation is always trying to find new ways to help homeless pets and shelters in need. In its latest effort to provide support to partners, BPF launched a fundraising campaign on March 2nd, which will run throughout the rest of the month. Introducing: Feed the Shelters!

Why it’s Important

Many shelters and rescues across the country rely on food donations to feed their pets, so it’s no surprise that BPF is constantly getting requests from our partners to help provide funding for pet food. Without support, shelters have to cut back the pets’ portions, leaving them hungry. We need your help in the next 30 days to stop the suffering. With this Feed the Shelters campaign, BPF is hoping to provide food to shelters in need so they can focus on using their budget to save the lives of countless more animals

How it Works

For every $15 donation that is received on FB or online, BPF will match it in order to donate a 30-pound bag of food to a shelter dog or cat. With the foundation’s bag for bag match, your $15 donation can feed one shelter dog for two months or one shelter cat for four months.

Open admission and limited admission shelters within the BPF partner network can apply to receive a donation- recipients will be chosen based on need and announced on @BISSELLPetFoundation’s Facebook page in April.

Help us Feed Them

If you want to help Feed the Shelters, visit the FB fundraiser to donate. Don’t forget to keep an eye on BPF’s Facebook in April to find out which shelters your donations are helping!