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Ledger, Adopted 2022


Making an Impact in 50 States & Beyond

BISSELL Pet Foundation supports programs and initiatives that are focused on addressing the pet overpopulation crisis in our country. Through funding for pet adoption, spay/neuter, microchipping and emergencies we are making a difference to reduce the number of pets in shelters and rescues. We are proud to have supported the lifesaving work of the following animal welfare organizations in all 50 states.

Impact by the Numbers

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Grants Awarded

Since 2011

Last Updated: September 21, 2023

Animal Care League

Oak Park, Illinois


November 2021 Healing Heartworm $400

Animal Protective Foundation

Glenville, New York


October 2022 Crisis and Disaster Response $400

Evanston Animal Shelter Association

Evanston, Illinois


May 2019 Empty the Shelters $400

Great Lakes Humane Society

Traverse City, Michigan


July 2021 Healing Heartworm $400

Honor Sanctuary, Inc.

Bradenton, Florida


March 2022 Empty the Shelters $400

Mountain City Animal Shelter

Mountain City, Tennessee


April 2017 Veterinary Service $400

Noah Project

Muskegon, Michigan


July 2021 Healing Heartworm $400

SPCA of Wake County



January 2022 Crisis and Disaster Response $400

Tupelo Lee Humane Society

Tupelo, Mississippi


May 2023 Empty the Shelters $400

Osceola County Animal Services

St. Cloud,


October 2022 Crisis and Disaster Response $394

Looking Glass Animal Rescue

Ridgefield, Connecticut


August 2021 Veterinary Service $392

100% of your contribution to BISSELL Pet Foundation goes directly to shelters and rescues to support our mission.