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Supporting Source Shelters

Throughout the holidays, the plight of our source shelter partners has been on my mind. The work they are doing is extraordinary, and many of them do it with limited resources. We spend a great deal of time celebrating the destination shelters that work to alleviate the burden by taking in as many pets as possible. However, in 2023, we are working on even more collaborative solutions to aid our incredible source shelters.

How We Support Shelters Big & Small

At BISSELL Pet Foundation, we are committed to supporting shelters. No matter what it takes, we are finding new ways to reach them in 2023. Our spay/neuter programming focuses on shelters that need us the most, and we hope to provide even more support in the coming year. We are also providing vaccines, heartworm tests and medical supplies for our source partners that don’t have the budget to purchase them. In addition, mentor shelters are mobilizing to work on the ground with struggling shelters to ensure they can meet the criteria to transport pets through our program. At the same time, BPF is also bringing training workshops to our partners in Louisiana and Arkansas, as many of these shelters cannot participate in conferences in other locations.

Destination Shelters Are Giving Back

BPF is not the only one concerned about our struggling source shelters. Destination shelters want to be more involved. From mentorship to flying in to load transports, they are standing with source partners and looking for ways to help. To help them make a bigger difference, we are making an exciting change to better support shelters.

In 2023, BPF will be implementing a shelter-to-shelter give-back program. Destination shelters will send $25 per pet back to the source shelters for each pet they take. This money will help provide vaccines and medical care for shelter pets. For shelters where we provide the vaccines and testing, the money can be placed in a fund for heartworm medication or emergency medical care.

The way the shelter-to-shelter give-back will work is simple. Destination shelters will select their pets from BPF’s list. Once pets arrive, they will receive an invoice from BPF with the number of pets selected from each shelter and the addresses where the givebacks should be sent. Checks will go directly to the source shelters. Simple, easy and lifesaving!

We must continue to collaborate to address shelters that are overwhelmed and under-resourced. Together, we will lift up our source partners, reminding them daily that they are at the top of our minds.