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Black puppies waiting for adoption in a shelter

Outstanding Outreach

Community outreach ideas that keeps pets from entering the shelter and support people that love them.

Broome County Humane Society in New York is working to ensure that everyone has access to spay/neuter through community partnerships.

El Paso Animal Services in Texas has engaged local fire stations in getting lost pets back home.

Arizona Humane created a coalition of animal welfare groups and a “Pet Housing Help” website to support community pets and keep them at home.

Memphis Animal Services in Tennessee is doing outreach through numbers and celebrating all the victories, great and small, to keep local officials onboard.

Pasadena Humane Society gets community cats on the right path.
Young-Williams Animal Center impacts thousands of pets through their pantry.
City of San Antonio Animal Care Services is reaching into the community to keep pets healthy in and out of the shelter and find fosters to support transport..