Animal shelters across the nation are once again dealing with an overwhelming number of homeless pets in their care. While overall intake has not yet reached 2019 levels according to the most recent shelter data, many shelters are at-capacity for care. Several factors are contributing to the crisis including staffing shortages, lack of shelter veterinarians, diseases such as parvo and distemper and a decrease in transport/transfer options.

How can shelters work around these obstacles? 

The content in the Extraordinary Outcomes Toolkit is brought to you by brave shelters across the country who are addressing these shelter and service capacity challenges head-on! Whether through Awesome Adoption promotions, Fantastic Foster recruitment, or Outstanding Outreach into the community, these shelters have sought ways to save lives this summer by working outside the norms, pivoting on a dime, and creating unique and remarkable outcomes for animals. These are their success stories: created and shared by brave shelters – just for you and your shelter team – in a format that will help shelters of every size and location.

Overcrowding Crisis Resources:   Press Release   \   Talking Points

Adoption program tips and tricks to get pets into loving homes and out of the shelter.

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Foster home engagement and program expansion to create a fantastic foster opportunities.

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Community outreach ideas that keeps pets from entering the shelter and support people that love them.

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Other Resources and Information

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